Meet Mike Griffing.

So, remember this guy?

As you recall, this guy was slapping at cameramen at a California Nurses Association (CNA) anti-Meg Whitman rally the other day.  At least, this guy was until he came to the belated realization that he was getting filmed by two different people. Well, it turns out that he’s not a nurse.  Or, at least, not just a nurse.  Say hi to Mike Griffing.


We start here at No Governor Moonbeam, who has pictures of both what looks to be the same guy

…and a blowup of his nametag.  If you can’t read it, try this:

And who is this Mike Griffing, do you ask?  A drifter?  A day laborer?  A non-union worker hired to bulk up a protest?

Not… quite.  The below is from CNA’s 2009 Form LM-2 Labor Organization Annual Report:

Yup.  Mike Griffing was CNA’s 2009 Director of Collective Bargaining, with a salary of just under $164K.  I was not aware that you could make this kind of money by going to anti-Whitman rallies and sneak-attacking people who have had the effrontery to put you and your group on the public record!  Clearly we all picked the wrong career path.

So, there are three questions that have to be asked:

  1. Does the CNA still have Mike Griffing as its Collective Bargaining Director?
  2. Does the CNA consider this to be appropriate behavior by one of their current or past officers?
  3. If the answer to #1 is ‘yes’ and the answer to #2 is ‘no’… well, shouldn’t the CNA find that to be somewhat contradictory?

Seriously, this would be bad enough if Griffing was just some rank-and-file sorehead with a head full of misplaced entitlement and an eagerness to engage in aggressively antisocial behavior in a quasi-acceptable manner.  But if he’s part of the leadership cadre… well.  That’s a problem.  One that his organization needs to deal with, quickly.  Before he lashes out again.

Moe Lane

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