Speaking Truth to Power: Cedra Crenshaw vs. the Illinois Combine.

Quick background: Cedra Crenshaw (website here) is a conservative Tea Party activist – and, not incidentally, one that NAACP President Ben Jealous would happily call a ‘race traitor,’ if it weren’t for the minor fact that not even the media would ignore that kind of hypocrisy – who is trying to stay on the ballot for Illinois state senator. Emphasis on ‘trying:’ she’s fighting having her candidacy tossed for reasons that Eric Holder would be firing up a civil-rights investigation… if it weren’t for that fact that Holder undoubtedly considers her a race traitor, too.


Hey.  It’s not my fault that the Democratic party refuses to do anything about its racist elements.  Besides give them powers of trust and authority, that is.

Moving along, the Tea Parties aren’t precisely willing to accept the Democratic Party’s race-based shenanigans, and they’re more than happy to speak truth to power, afflict the comfortable, and engage in all those other behaviors that have been sanctified by a half-century of Lefty usage:

To answer the activist’s question: they’re afraid of a black mom from the suburbs because that’s who they’ve pretended to be supporting all these years: it’s been revealed that their support is a lie; and they are afraid of her. And of all her friends.

Remember in November.  And justice for Cedra Crenshaw.

Moe Lane

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