Steve Rothman (D, NJ-09) hates video cameras.

Today’s “Whoops.  Somebody was recording that?” moment will be brought to you today by Rep. Steve Rothman (D, NJ-09):

‘Portability’ in this context refers to the ability of people to take their health care plan with them if they lose their jobs – a feature not found in Obamacare, and one of four supposed deal-killers for Rep. Rothman.  As you can see from the video, he was unhappy to be called an oathbreaker, and very unhappy to be asked why NJ-09 voters should be expected to still vote for an oathbreaker*.  The awkward body language there is astounding, in fact: even if you’re aware of how safe a seat NJ-09 is normally considered for the Democrats it’s slightly startling that somebody so self-evidently constitutionally incapable of being criticized has managed to survive in it for a decade.  The answer, of course, is that up until now nobody was getting things on permanent record…


Hey, we have a candidate opposing him! Michael Agosta.   Apparently, it was a somewhat vigorous primary, too.  That’s always good; shows that people are taking an interest.

Moe Lane

*Technical note for Rothman, here: lots of people get ‘ad hominem’ wrong, I know, but that’s no excuse.  An ad hominem attack is when you say something like “Steve Rothman’s position on health care is wrong because he’s a mendacious, arrogant suckweasel with entitlement issues that can be seen from orbit.”  What the guy actually said was more like “That mendacious, arrogant suckweasel with entitlement issues that can be seen from orbit Steve Rothman lied to us about his position on health care.”  In other words, ad hominem is not actually the same as calling somebody a name: the first is a logical fallacy, the second is an expression of one’s personal opinion.

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