Domestic terrorism in Houston update.

What?  Oh, right: somebody sent a pipe bomb to the wife of an oil executive (via Confederate Yankee, via Instapundit) – she ended up in the hospital with facial injuries from the blast.  Turns out that it was apparently deliberately targeted at the woman


Neighbors who saw the package but didn’t want to appear on camera describe it as a box of chocolates that left inside a gift bag. One neighbor says there was a card attached that simply said, “Thank you.” It included the woman’s name, but it was misspelled.

…which argues against a random attack.  The bomb was reportedly loaded with nails and shrapnel; somebody wanted this woman dead or permanently disfigured.  And, not to be blunt about things or anything, but if the oil executive connection is true then I officially have zero confidence in the ability, or willingness, of the Holder Justice Department to investigate this crime.  This isn’t just the Black Panther thing: it’s been a year and a half since somebody tried to burn down a Wasilla, AK church for political reasons, and the DoJ is showing no sign of caring about that, either.


Moe Lane

PS: And not to belabor the point, but if something like this happened to the wife of a union official the resulting media firestorm would be visible from orbit.  Even a bomb threat would make the national news.

Sorry, but denying the poor reputation that organized media has does not actually make the problem go away.  At this rate, denying it may make organized media go away, but that’s a different issue.

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