Pensacola Beach closed due to Obamaspill.

Heckuva job there, Barry.

A popular section of Pensacola Beach has been closed because of oil that washed ashore there.

Government officials closed about a quarter-mile section of Casino Beach on Thursday. Thick pools of oil washed ashore there Wednesday.


Via Gateway Pundit, via Instapundit. But never fear: the White House in on the case!

…if by ‘on the case’ you mean ‘stopping Louisiana from doing its emergency dredging and berm constructing operation’ and ‘fighting the overturn of its knee-jerk oil drilling moratorium.’  Both of which are much more likely to please campaign contributors than, say, the people of Louisiana and Florida.  Speaking of the latter: hey, guess who’s mad (Rubio) about the way that the government’s mucking up Obamaspill?  And guess who’s being an apologist for it (Crist)?

Again: heckuva job, Barry. What’s your handicap, these days?

Moe Lane

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