Staffing news comes in threes.

So, in the last forty-eight hours or so, we’ve learned:

  1. Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is either leaving his job, or being shoved out of it, in the very near future;
  2. White House Budget Director Peter Orszag is going to be likewise leaving his job… not that anybody can tell the difference, given that WE DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE A BUDGET THIS YEAR BECAUSE DEMOCRATIC POLITICIANS ARE A PACK OF COWARDS*;
  3. and Commander of US forces in Afghanistan Stanley McChrystal has just decided to commit career suicide by badmouthing the Ambassador of Afghanistan – via the magazine Rolling Stone.

Anyway, it’s a trifecta: a Chief of Staff who can’t keep the White House running smoothly, a Budget Director who can’t  create a budget, and a top military guy who can’t keep his mouth shut about the civilian powers**.  That’s one heck of an executive branch staffing record that the White House is accumulating there – and it’s only Tuesday.  At this rate, we’ll wake up on Friday to the news that Steven Chu*** has just burned down the Department of Energy as part of a tragic toasted bagel accident.

Moe Lane

*Sorry.  It grates.

**My sympathies for McChrystal’s woes are muted.  Rolling Stone?

***Did you know that he has a Nobel Prize?

Crossposted to Moe Lane.


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