Clearly, Alabama is ready to defend its title...

…of being the Go-To Place for 2010 Political Ads. First up is DALE PETERSON. I’m capitalizing the name because, well, this ad deserves it:

I got nothing to add, except that going from 5% to 28% and pushing out the front-runner is in fact impressive.


And then there’s the Rick Barber ad.

Yeah, that does push the envelope a bit, doesn’t it?  I might be worried about it if I hadn’t realized that this ad was the political equivalent to what we in the SCA/fandom community call ‘freaking the mundanes*.’  Alabama clearly intends to keep this sort of thing up until the general election, no doubt to YouTube’s delight…

Moe Lane

*A term so offensive that I stopped using it in general conversation, although I’ll happily apply it to any netrooter who wants to get the vapors over this.

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