'The Buck Stops... with me."

I just noticed that the President kind of likes to use that phrase a bit.  I wonder if he realizes that it makes him look like a bit of a narcissist?  Particularly since he’s clearly using that phrase in all those occasions to argue that while bad things that happen under his watch are always his responsibility, they’re never his fault.  Even the Christmas bombing attack was declared by the President to be ultimately the fault of a pre-Obama watch list system.  It’s frankly a far cry from ‘The buck stops here,’ which is at heart an admission that policy decisions flow from the top, and failures in policy are in fact in some way the fault of the people who are ultimately responsible for them.  Then again, Barack Obama is also a far cry from being another Harry S Truman.


I look forward to the hate mail that will implicitly validate my argument.

Moe Lane

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