Primary results open thread.

I know, inadequate for ten states, but I’m feeding one kid and am about to give the other one his bath. So deal.

GOV: Haley/Barret 47.7/22.8, 57% in.
SC-01 Scott & Thurmond looking likely for the runoff.
SC-03 Duncan & Cash looking likely for the runoff.
SC-04 Gowdy over Ingless… 49.6/23.7, with 50% in.


[UPDATE] OK, Politico reports Scott Rigell in VA-02. RS Interview here.

Robert Wittman in VA-01.
Robert Hurt in VA-05.
Keith Fimian in VA-11.
Patrick Murray and Matthew Berry in VA-08 are going to go down to the wire. [And it’s Murray.]


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