Emanuel and DeLauro and Greenberg. AGAIN.

Andrew Malcolm notes that Rahm Emanuel, while head of the DCCC, received free rent from the latter two (a married couple) for five years.  Rosa DeLauro is a Congresswoman from Connecticut: Stan Greenberg’s consulting firm worked recently on a British Petroleum rebranding campaign.  One of Greenberg’s companies (which included James Carville and Bob Shrum) also did a lot of polling work for… the DCCC.


But you knew that already.

Just like you knew already that DeLauro and Greenberg are tied up in HR 875, which was slated (deliberately or accidentally) to destroy the organic food industry for the benefit of Monsanto (another Greenberg client).

And just like you knew that both Carville and Greenberg had had the bad fortune to see their publicly expressed wishes for then-President Bush to fail occur mere minutes before the attacks on 9/11.

And just like you knew that Emanuel had served on the board of Freddie Mac during its worst ethical period… and that Freddie Mac is now the recipient of an unlimited bailout.

You probably didn’t know that DeLauro was a former vice-Chair of the DCCC (2007-2008), mostly because that seems to have been somewhat sanitized.

Mind you, none of this is illegal.  Stinks to high heaven, but not actually illegal.  I just provide this information to my readers because the Right often has to listen to duckspeaking Democratic idiots try to tell them that their party is made up of selfless plaster saints who never, ever use their positions to feather their own nests; said idiots are unreachable, of course – but other people in earshot might prove more mentally flexible.


Moe Lane


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