So, if you've been watching the Nikki Haley smear attempts...

…and you are absolutely sick and tired of the way that self-appointed ‘elites’ will stop at nothing in order to keep secure their place at the twin troughs of power and money; if you are appalled that in 2010 – 2010a politician from any party would think that his petty privileges are worth smearing the public reputation of not only his constituents, but an entire state; if you are filled with an elemental loathing of the tactics and methods of those who want to stop reform in government – well, I would like to quote to you some excellent American folk wisdom.


“Don’t get mad.
Get even.”

It’s no longer a goal of having Nikki Haley take first place in the primary. The goal is now to get her above 50% and eliminate the need for a runoff.

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Moe Lane

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