EPA's Lisa Jackson admits responsibility to Gulf...

…by belatedly canceling a Democratic fundraising appearance:

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson has canceled her appearance at a Democrat fundraiser hours after Politico published a story detailing that engagement.

Jackson was scheduled to appear at a breakfast in Manhattan Thursday to benefit the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. An EPA spokesman noted that the appearance was scheduled before the oil spill occurred.


And not before time, either.  We will, of course, expect regular updates as to what Ms. Jackson is personally doing to expedite Louisiana’s urgent requests for emergency action.  Given that she’s cleared her calendar for the duration, I think that it’s fair to set a daily report as the bare minimum, yes?  An internal investigation into any possible mistakes made in the last two years with regard to EPA drilling policy is also probably a good idea.  Certainly it’s better to do it now, than have next January see an independent prosecutor investigator…

Moe Lane

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