Joe Sestak admits bribe offer.

Marvel, my friends, at the moral heroism put on display here:

If you define ‘moral heroism’ as ‘reluctantly and inarticulately admitting that one was offered a bribe by the White House, while neglecting to alert the relevant federal authorities of the alleged crime in question,’ of course. Which apparently Joe Sestak does. Watch that video to the end to see DNC chair Tim Kaine disassociate himself from this mess – and it is a mess. I’m not just saying that because I’m a Republican and the President is a Democrat. I don’t even think that the President or his senior advisers knew that Sestak was offered a job; this incident has all the hallmarks of a Executive branch staffer having an excess of enthusiasm and a deficit of awareness of federal ethics guidelines. But it doesn’t matter; and it doesn’t matter because President Obama explicitly ran on a platform of his Administration Not Being Like Other Administrations.


Guess that was a lie, then.

Moe Lane

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