The term 'Molotov cocktail' is notably absent from this Lars Vilks report.

So let me summarize the Washington Post article for you:

Somebody tried to set Lars Vilks and his house on fire, almost certainly because he draws mean things about their religion.


Via Hot Air Headlines. Yeah, this was the guy who got assaulted by religious fanatics earlier this week, after he showed them mean Photoshops about their religion:

Let me tell you what worries me about Europe. What worries me about Europe is not they’re going to collapse into some sort of prostrate client state of radical Islamist fanaticism. No, what worries me is that the Europeans have precisely two tools in their political toolbox: technocratic social democracy, and authoritarianism. Technocratic social democracy is rapidly demonstrating that it has absolutely no idea how to handle this kind of aggressive, violent religious fanaticism. Authoritarians… do. It will be the wrong answer, ethically speaking, but since when did that ever stop an authoritarian regime?

Moe Lane

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