Another Democratic bite at the Big Apple?

So, it’s reported that they’re trying to ease out Gov David Paterson of NY:

Democratic Party officials are putting pressure on New York Gov. David A. Paterson to resign from office as additional details emerge about his alleged effort to intervene in a domestic-violence case involving a senior aide.

The state Democratic chairman, Jay Jacobs, headed to Albany Tuesday morning to meet with Mr. Paterson and encourage him to step aside, according to a source. Mr. Jacobs declined to comment, as did the Paterson administration.


(Via AoSHQ) For those keeping track, this would mean that if Paterson resigns (and people are trying to get him to go) New York would have its third governor in two years, and its first completely unelected governor since… well, I think since William Tryon, Royal Governor of New York.  And next January, NY would have had four governors in three years.

The question is whether it’d be a fourth Democratic governor.  I understand that AG Cuomo is eager for the job (in a suitably deniable fashion), but at some point we have to ask: just how many politicians will NY Democrats get to cycle through before the electorate gets tired of the game?  We started this particular run with a crusading district attorney, and look what happened to him.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, yes, yes: Cuomo’s a shoo-in over, say, Rick Lazio.  He’s at Martha Coakley-levels of inevitability at this point, in fact.

*And one who needed a court decision to be seated.

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