I declare DOOM for Martha Coakley (D, MA-SEN).

I’ve been fighting the urge: it’s Massachusetts.  But let’s review the evidence.

  • The latest Rasmussen poll: 49/47 Coakley/Brown.  That’s +2 Coakley for likely voters.  Definite ones?  +1 Brown.  The total shift is +7 Brown in a week.

  • And lastly: Coakley is scared. She admitted to being frightened in a conference call today at the way that Scott Brown has come out of nowhere to disrupt her coronation.  She needs money.  The campaign that bragged about the 5.2 million dollars that they raised last year needs money.  That’s why the DSCC is throwing almost 600K into the race.  So that Martha Coakley can maintain parity against the interloper.



Moe Lane

PS: Scott Brown for US Senate.

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