Martha Coakley's (D Cand, SEN-MA) oddly obscure cash-on-hand numbers.

Interesting. Here’s the short version: Martha Coakley is reporting that she’s raised over 1 million dollars since November 20th, and 5.2 million overall. So, Scott Brown’s (who raised 700K in the same time period, and who has just over 1.2 million overall) in trouble, yes?


No. At least, not from that.

Coakley, who faced three opponents in the Democratic primary, started the special election campaign with less than $500,000 in her campaign account, compared with about $300,000 for Brown, a Republican of Wrentham.

You see, most of that money Coakley raised got spent fighting for the nomination.  William Jacobson’s all over this topic: while he and I both think that she’s got more money in the bank right now than Brown, it’s not the 5-to-1 advantage she’s hyping.  At best, it’s 3-to-2. She’s also facing the problem that her public retreat on abortion language in the bill is going to depress enthusiasm in the progressive netroots; and that Republican activists at least have noted that flipping Massachusetts could – could! – possibly derail the health care rationing bill, and are contributing accordingly*.

Speaking of which: Jan 11th Scott Brown moneybomb here: main campaign site here.


Moe Lane

*Time for some unsolicited advice to the netroots: I understand that none of you want to hear this, but if you want to be taken seriously, you have to start punishing your would-be representatives when they tell you one thing and do another.  Bluntly? Martha Coakley broke her word when she fell into line with Senate Democrats on abortion language.  You know this.  But you will go nowhere until your legislators fear you and yours more than they fear me and mine.  In fact, I’ll tell you: they don’t fear you at all.

So here’s the Scott Brown moneybomb link again. Revenge is a dish that’s best served cold.

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