Two news items should shock even Republicans into awareness of potential doom:

-The first, news reports that the “Gang of 8” has reached agreement on the “path to citizenship” (Think, 20,000,000 new voters voting 71% Democrat, plus Orwellian biometric ID’s and “Brady Checks” for jobs).


-The second, an announcement by House Speaker John Boehner on a Sunday talk show that the House would “consider” any gun control approved by the Democratic Senate (whatever “consider” means).

The last-ditch solution to both of these Armageddon scenarios is the same: the Hastert Rule, which prevents House consideration of any bill not supported by a majority of the Republican caucus — currently, 117 Republicans. Whatever the media has convinced John McCain to do, surely 117 House Republicans would oppose allowing the GOP to commit suicide.

I know, I know. You thought the Hastert Rule was dead because it’s been violated three times. The catch is this: In all 3 cases (fiscal cliff, Sandy, VAWA), the Hastert Rule’s violatees wanted to be violated.

If 117 GOP reps signed a letter saying “Don’t violate Hastert on gun control.” or “Don’t violate Hastert on amnesty.”, House Speaker Boehner would be hard-pressed to bring up either of these items. And the process for getting around Hastert — the discharge petition — is almost impossible to pull off.


Fortunately, it turns out that such a letter already exists on guns: It is the Stockman-Broun letter to invoke the Hastert Rule on any gun control. And, although the Stockman-Broun letter is picking up steam, it still does not have obvious signatures from people like Michele Bachmann and Steve King.

And, as Stockman-Broun begins to reach 117, we can do the same on amnesty.

So here’s the message: If there’s any “silver bullet” to the twin catastrophes which threaten to destroy us, this is it. Every conservative should be spending every waking hour pushing the Stockman-Broun letter toward 117 signatures — and, after that, the same for amnesty.



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