Water Cooler 9/28/2018 Open Thread - TG. And TGIF. Google Bias?

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Hello RedStaters, and TG!  Join me or not, but I am thanking God for Thursday’s hearing.  My beloved country has taken so many blows through my lifetime.  I have watched us as a country become completely unmoored from truth and the principles that made America the shining light on the hill that it once was.  Partisanship become more important than the truth.


But on Thursday, the truth won.  In spite of all the evil that was thrown at Judge Kavanaugh, the truth was exposed for all to see.  Before I later saw the assertion that there are enough votes to confirm him in the full Senate, I still counted this as a full victory.  Either the Judge will be confirmed and added to the Supreme Court, or it will  be clearly shown that he was torpedoed in spite of the clear truth of his innocence.  There will be no middle ground.  Many prayed that the truth would prevail.  Thank God that he saw fit to answer that prayer.  I of course pray that he will indeed be confirmed as well.

Thank God it’s Friday!

Google Bias?

And other fairy tales.  After catching just a little of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony on Thursday morning, I was a little curious how the fragile, forgetful snowflake victim in that session compared to the Christine Blasey Ford that existed prior to her story making the national scene.  No Problem.  She’s an accomplished academic, a quick YouTube search will tell the tale….

Actually, it won’t.  At least for me.  Over lunch Thursday I couldn’t find a way to find a video of her older than 1 week.

Try this: YouTube.  Search: “mike frey”.  Use the “filters” control to filter by upload date.  Scroll down.  I get pages of videos that go back 11 years.  (I didn’t see any of me, but not my point).

Now try this: YouTube.  Search: “christine blasey ford”.  Use the “filters” to filter by upload date.  Down to the bottom.  Nothing older than a week or so.  But it’s a lot of videos, so maybe we need to limit?


Now add the word “conference” to your search (she’s an academic, right?).  Many fewer videos.  Still nothing older than a week or so.

I’ve tried many searches, and can’t find one from more than a week ago that has her.  It has been in the press that her social media accounts have been scrubbed – but that is something she or surrogates could do.  How does she get rid of any videos from the past?  Is it possible to be an accomplished academic and not have a youtube video that matches your name that is over a week old?  Maybe I’m a poor searcher, or?  In the end I think her testimony was well refuted without getting to the questions of whether she is acting or not, but still an interesting question.


There’s a few thoughts to seed the discussion. What’s on your mind? God bless, and may you be blessed today and always!

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