Water Cooler 9/14/18 Open Thread - Contagious Divorce

Greetings RedStaters, and Thank God It’s Friday!

Depending on where you are at this moment, you may have a beautiful quiet Autumn day, or be one of those most affected by the hurricane, or something in between.  May you be at peace knowing that God knows you, loves you, and will never leave His children.


Contagious Divorce

Many years ago, when our marriage was having issues, my wife and I took a good look at things and realized that many couples around us were toxic to some degree – divorced and bitter, nasty on their way to divorce etc.  This was not the only thing that was challenging us, but we did recognize it and rearranged our social circle accordingly.  We got a friend-ectomy to remove the toxic influences that could not refrain from bashing their (ex) spouse or marriage in general.

This week I came across an article referencing a study that showed what we sensed – that divorce is contagious.

Researchers found that a person is 75 percent more likely to become divorced if a friend has divorced.

And that’s not all. If a friend of a friend is divorced, a person’s odds of getting a divorce increases 33 percent.

Of course I expect that their is some conflation of correlation and causation, but know there is something there.  The article links to the study itself.

Speaking of Contagions

For years now, I’ve watched the media do an all-out assault on the mores of American society, pretending to chart a sea-change in attitude when in reality they drove the change.  We are paying the price in so many ways for how they have broken the family, respect for law and order, religiosity, etc.  My theory is Trump’s election and approval ratings are evidence that the tide is beginning to turn – that the public at large is more and more willing to buck the cram down of beliefs and attitudes, and that the erosion of power of the machine will continue as our youth who at first don’t understand the agenda see the lies and increasingly tune it out.  I think they will be more successful than their parents, some of whom are entrenched in their mythology.  What do you think?


What’s on your mind?

It’s an Open Thread.  Have at it, and above all, rest in the peace and grace of our Savior.  This world has issues, but thankfully it is not the whole story.



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