Water Cooler 6/29 Open Thread - You won't Believe Who the 3 Californias Voted for in 2016...

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Hello RedStaters, and Thank God its Friday!  Welcome to the Water Cooler, Always an Open Thread.

Are 3 California’s Better than 1?

A few weeks ago at the Water Cooler we discussed the “3 California” initiative that will be on the ballot in November.  I promised to suspend disbelief long enough to run the numbers and see whether they would all wind up politically like the current one, Venezuela California.  You’ll never believe the results…


But in the Meantime – Supreme Court Vacancy

You may have noticed this week that the countdown for the end of the world started on Wednesday, 6/27 when Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement.  At least that is the way the progressives see it.  But before you scoff or dismiss them, realize that they have a very real fear that the Supreme Court might wind up in some sort of Neanderthal nightmare where the court <gasp > interprets what the American Constitution indicates about the law instead of a common (but declining) recent practice of just consulting Rep. Luis Gutierrez or Rep. Maxine Waters.  Have some empathy.  (just kidding)

California Voting 

So back to California.  You will not be surprised to see how California voted in the 2016 Presidential Election, though you may be surprised that there were more votes for Donald Trump in California than in all but TWO other states (learn more here).

Here is the breakdown of votes for president in the California General Election in 2016 (the one that actually happened):

  • Hillary Clinton 8,753,788
  • Donald Trump 4,483,810
  • Other 943,997

Almost 2:1 in favor of the influence peddling, America selling out, national security damaging harpy.  [Mike dashes away from the keyboard]


< ??? >

Sorry, had to hurl and clean up.

Easy to see why California is the butt of jokes and hated.  I get it.  But if Cuba California splits into 3 Californias per the November ballot initiative, then what?  There’s 3 of them:

State 1 of 3: (New) “California” – This is the one that distills the Californication from the larger current state.

In this California, there will be kumbaya.  They will all think alike, finish each other’s sentences, hang out with Hollywood, and retrea t to safe spaces over global warming.  This is how they voted in 2016:

  • Hillary Clinton 2,827,482
  • Donald Trump 1,000,966

Now almost 3:1, you see how this is working?  Could this distillation save some other part of the state?  Stay tuned…

State 2 of 3: (New) “Southern California”

This California was claimed to be a “Red State”.  Let’s take a look at their 2016 voting, shall we:

  • Donald Trump  2,018,207  (over twice the total of (new) “California” above!)


  • Hillary Clinton  2,523,963 (almost as many as (new) “California” above!)

RedState “Red State” fact check: 5 Che’s – Completely false.

State 3 of 3: (New) “Northern California”


This state is the one of most personal interest, as it is where I live.  I instinctively prefer the “State of Jefferson” push, that would not tie the Bay Area into the mix.  But, this state was claimed to “lean red”, so let’s take a look at how it would have voted in 2016:

  • Hillary Clinton 3,402,343 (are you serious?  sorry, yes)
  • Donald Trump  1,464,637

RedState “Red State” fact check: 5 Che’s – Completely false.

That’s what I see – what do you see?  Any positives that could come from 3 Californias?  Any solutions you see that you like better?  Next time I will try to pull together numbers for the State of Jefferson 2016 voting…

God Bless until next time.




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