Water Cooler 6/15 Open Thread - Are 3 Californias Better than 1?

Thank God it’s Friday RedStaters!  Happy to be with you this morning at the Water Cooler (always an Open Thread).

Are 3 California’s Better than 1?  Less Bad?


One of the recurring themes for me at the Water Cooler is the sorry state of my home state, California.  For others California might be a place of legend, a beacon of enlightened progressivism to lead the nation from its dark and ignorant past; or maybe more likely as I learned when I was out of state for university – “the land of fruits and nuts”.

For me it’s more personal.  It was and is my home, and while there is still much that I like (incredible climate and natural beauty, innovation engine, family, friends, history), I can’t escape that my valued home, and by extension my country, is being trashed by people who don’t value what I value.  And wanting to do something about it versus watch it decay led me here to RedState, to election to my county Republican Central Committee, and to continual pondering of solutions.

I’ve shared a few thoughts in my previous Water Coolers on political solutions that involve breaking up California, with the romantic zenith of these being the “State of Jefferson” where we like-minded conservative Americans would wrest ourselves free of the cruel yoke of Sacramento (really “greater” Los Angeles, and Salem) tyranny.  But most of these, in addition to being longshots politically according to conventional wisdom, are also not on the California ballot in November.

Decision Point Coming


In the General Election in November, Californians (and whatever illegals and out-of-state “votecationers” arrive) will get to check a box for or against a measure to split California into 3 states.  Led by Timothy Cook Draper, billionaire venture capitalist, this measure will break California into 3 states of roughly equal populations.  I like some of what I see, and dislike other attributes of it.  But as I don’t get to tune the proposal, I will have to figure out if California AND the USA are better off with the proposal or without it.  And to do so in time to work for or against the measure.

So, over the coming weeks I will examine this from a multiple perspectives and try to draw a conclusion.  What do you think should be the considerations of this?  Do you boot up for or against, and why?  What should I research and bring back here in the coming weeks?

Blessings to You and Yours

May this day and all days be an opportunity for investment in a better, more godly and more American, future AND another opportunity for you to see and know the love and blessings of our Father.  TGIF.


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