Water Cooler 2/16/18 Open Thread - Immigration Reform, Global Warming!

TGIF RedStaters!  Welcome to Friday’s Water Cooler, always an Open Thread!

Immigration “Reform”

Lots of articles on RedState and elsewhere this week on the Senate’s bills and progress/lack thereof.


Lots more of the same – with Democrats pushing that America throw a parade in honor of illegals and their children, and Republicans inexplicably working with them to some degree.  Given history, many Republicans are concerned that their representatives who started with a weak stance will continue to weaken and then give in.  Ted Cruz put out some great arguments to steel their resolve:

DACA under Obama did not provide citizenship, it was just a work permit. Why would Republicans be galloping to the left of Barack Obama?


Mark my words. If Republican majorities in Congress pass citizenship for millions of people and amnesty, I think it’s quite likely we will lose both houses of Congress and Speaker Nancy Pelosi will impeach President Trump.

Article on Townhall.

Global Warming!

From Nasa, more evidence of Global Warming!

“It looks like we’re capturing the demise of this dark vortex, and it’s different from what well-known studies led us to expect,” Michael Wong, a researcher at the University of California at Berkeley and lead author on the new work, said in the statement. Previous simulations suggested that the vortex would drift toward the planet’s equator, and “once the vortex got too close to the equator, it would break up and perhaps create a spectacular outburst of cloud activity”


They did not make the direct link to Earth’s Global Warming in this quote or even the article, but hey, this is not much more “fake” than most of the other GW news I see, and the article exposing the link is probably in the works, so I’m just getting a little ahead of it.

Happy President’s Day!

Don’t forget the holiday this coming Monday as we celebrate the American Presidents.  Wow, God has blessed us with some great ones!  And then there were some others.  Thanks to God for the blessings he has provided to America and those great leaders that have shaped our story.  Continue to pray that good men and women (sorry to be so restrictive) are raised up to lead and inspire the future.  May we do our part to turn our hearts back to God, pray for and support Godly leaders, and restore America to its position as Shining Light on the Hill.


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