Water Cooler 2/9/18 Open Thread - TGIF! A Breather, Reader Letters? Other?

Hello Friends and Readers – Thank God it’s Friday!

I apologize for this in advance, but I got too sandwiched between work deliverables and a (the) memorial service this AM, so I will release you to the Water Cooler on your own recognizance.


A Milestone

Today marks the start of my sixth month, after five of uninterrupted Friday Water Coolers!  Maybe as y’all chat around the cooler today you could let me know what’s working, what’s not working, and what you would like to see in the future.

Reader Letters?

The Reader Letter gimmick seemed like it might be a fun thing to do – but we can’t really do them.  Or can we?  If you post questions in the comments I will work attempt to answer them in as entertaining a fashion as possible.  What could go wrong?

Thanks Again

It has been an interesting experience over the last five months to create content on a regular basis over the last five months.  I appreciate all the feedback, support, and encouragement that you have provided.  RedState is a great community that I am glad to be part of.  Chat with you all next week.




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