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TGIBF RedStaters!  As you make up one of my “families” (yes I see you Uncle Bob – hey put that away, no body wants to see that), I hope that you all had a very blessed day with your family and/or “families” yesterday, and got to enjoy some of the better side of humanity, and put the politics on the back burner for a bit (actually, maybe leave it there and boil it dry – can’t hurt).


Hmm.  In any case remember the Water Cooler is always an open thread, with a special Black Friday BONUS, the trip over and back is a great way to burn off those extra Thanksgiving calories.  If you are like me, you may have to make many trips to make a dent!

Thank God It’s (Black) Friday?

Well, if the USA were to have a unique “holiday” invented that would dovetail right into our national identity, how much different would it look than Black Friday.  According to this article, Black Friday started in Philadelphia:

The true story behind Black Friday, however, is not as sunny as retailers might have you believe. Back in the 1950s, police in the city of Philadelphia used the term to describe the chaos that ensued on the day after Thanksgiving, when hordes of suburban shoppers and tourists flooded into the city in advance of the big Army-Navy football game held on that Saturday every year. Not only would Philly cops not be able to take the day off, but they would have to work extra-long shifts dealing with the additional crowds and traffic. Shoplifters would also take advantage of the bedlam in stores to make off with merchandise, adding to the law enforcement headache.

A common misconception is that Black Friday started as reflection of the first day of the year when a retail store would go into the “Black” with post-Thanksgiving shopping crowds.

Black Friday – the Thrill of Victory


After thinking that a great piece for today’s Water Cooler would show the Good, Bad, and the Ugly of Black Friday; the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat, I got to work with the search engines.  On the positive side:

< crickets >

The headlines all seem to be from the perspective of the retail business, teaching how to have a successful Black Friday.  I’m not seeing those great stories from the shopper side.  OK, so we’ll move on to the dumpster fires…

Black Friday – the Agony of Defeat

Now this is a topic made for the internet.

A compendium from the Telegraph

Another piece on The Street, in turn providing a link to a Reddit compendium. A sample quote from this piece:

Someone was caught stealing a Bluetooth speaker from Best Buy. The cops ended up finding, along with the stolen product, a loaded gun and a bag of black tar heroin.

Whoa.  Time to move on here…

Because it has Been Too Long

Everyone of my generation recognizes the above tagline – the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat.  For the rest of you:

Vietnam Veterans – Another Fight

This is a Community Service Announcement – If you served in Vietnam, you should read this article which alleges that there is a health concern that is not well known and may apply to you.

Daily Audio Bible

Putting out another plug for the Daily Audio Bible (I receive nothing from them, I am one of their donors).  Christians know that we need to be in the Word, and in community with others.  Some of you reading this know that you are not getting enough of the former.  Some of you need more of the latter.  I need more of both.  Brian Hardin was led a dozen years ago to start a daily podcast that covers the entire Bible, aloud, in a year.  He has not missed a day over that period.


While in a state of gratitude from Yesterday’s giving of thanks, make it a point to listen to one day.  Or to start a daily habit.  Or to start a daily habit that you will commit to for all of 2018.  The Bible is one of the major ways that God talks to us.  Isn’t your relationship with him worth seeing if this is something for you?

Here’s today’s

Here’s a special recording (not the daily recording) from a month ago where Brian shares the story of how this started, how it has grown, and where it goes next.


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