Vulnerable Democrat Senator Goes Bottom Line: 'President Biden Has Got to Prove ... He's Up to the Job'

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I have to admit I don't know much about Montana Democrat Sen. Jon Tester, but from the looks of the guy, he appears to be a no-nonsense, bottom-line dude. Even if not, I do know this: Like a growing number of Democrat lawmakers, Tester, who's up for reelection in a state Donald Trump won twice, is terrified of the prospect of Joe Biden heading the Democrat ticket in November.


Tester said in a statement on Monday:

President Biden has got to prove to the American people – including me – that he's up to the job for another four years. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to do what I’ve always done: Stand up to President Biden when he’s wrong and protect our Montana way of life.

Clearly, Tester sent two messages in his statement. 

First, like a growing number of Democrat lawmakers, the senator called on Biden to, in effect, put up or shut up. Second, he told his Montana Democrat supporters he doubts Biden's mental acuity to continue in the race. 

Will it work — for Tester or any other Democrat running for reelection? Dunno, but I do know these people are scared "witless."

Moreover, according to the Cook Report, Tester stands a good chance of being unseated in November by Republican candidate Tim Sheehy, a former Navy SEAL. Cook rates the race as a "toss-up."

In related news, former Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) discussed the fallout from Biden’s humiliating performance during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” using two sports analogies, as Ryan sees it, of why Biden has to go.

If this is a sporting event, and you throw three interceptions, the coach pulls the quarterback. If you’re a pitcher that’s not getting the job done and they’re hitting home run dingers left and right, the manager goes in and pulls the pitcher out.


Having pitched more than a few games back in the proverbial day, I know the feeling.

Tim Ryan on Biden Staying in the Race: 'You Throw 3 Interceptions, the Coach Pulls the Quarterback'

The only problem with Ryan's analogies is that Biden doesn't have a coach — but he does have pretend-"Dr." Jill, who's more of minder. Virtually anyone on the planet who understands the dynamic between the Bidens knows that the good doctor pulls the strings — to the point of elder abuse, in my not-so-humble opinion. 

Hence, when Frau Doktor said on Monday that her embattled husband is "all in" — while she was campaigning, mind you — it was apparent, at least for the time being, that Joe isn't going anywhere.

Jill Biden Confirms Biden Will Not Step Aside—Which Could Lead to Even More Dem Infighting

Yeah —if Joe's "all in," why isn't he campaigning instead of his power-crazed wife?

How reassuring to terrified Democrat lawmakers facing reelection in November.


The Bottom Line

Despite Joe (Jill) Biden's steadfast insistence that the embattled president is not going to abandon his reelection bid, my gut tells me that at the end of the proverbial day, he will do just that. 

What's it going to take, if so? Dunno. But I do know that if someone can convince Mrs. Biden that her reputation— her place in history — can be salvaged if she convinces Joe (makes the decision herself) to bow out, she'll be all over it like her husband on ice cream cone.



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