'Trump Insurance': Shark Tank Star Kevin O'Leary Says Trump Needs a VP Who's 'Very Much Not Like Him'

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"Shark Tank" investor Kevin O'Leary has offered up a mostly spot-on in his analysis of whom he thinks the likely 2024 GOP presidential nominee should choose as his vice presidential running mate.


O'Leary recently opined in great detail — twice, on two different outlets — as to who Trump should select as a running mate and why. He said on Friday in a segment on “Laura Coates Live” that former President Donald Trump’s pick for vice president should be “someone [who's] very much not like him, [who] has executional skills.”

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Coates kicked off the festivities thusly:

I hear though you are rooting for a particular person, Governor Doug Burgum, to be Trump’s VP pick. You called him Trump insurance. Explain that and why you see him or want him as the VP.

Coates no doubt loved the "Trump insurance" idea, and O'Leary was more than happy to oblige:

I’ve sat with a governor, I've sat with his staff. This guy gets stuff done, whether you need a permit or whether you need policy or whether you want to rescind[?] taxes, you need to speak to the CEO of a company. He’s a business guy, so it’s a personal reflection that I see here. 

And frankly, I think Trump could use someone that’s very much not like him, that has executional skills. You give Burgum this mandate — you say go fix the border, go fix energy, go fix whatever — that’s what he does. I’m just saying it from a personal perspective. I like this guy as Trump insurance because Trump's bombastic.

O'Leary then reminded viewers that Trump himself recently made the same observation, quoting the former president:

Look, I made some mistakes in my first term. I’m not going to hire the same people in every position.


An O'Leary knows just the guy.

O'Leary made the same argument during a Saturday appearance on "Fox & Friends Weekend," describing Burgum as a "terrific" choice for Trump.

I've been going to North Dakota for years now, and I've seen what he can do with execution skills. His track record is unbelievable in what he's done for the state.

His track record is unbelievable in what he's done for the state. Very few Americans know that the richest citizens in the country for sovereign wealth are people that live in North Dakota. Doug Burgum did that.

So, is Burgum the guy? If not, who is? (Potential females included, of course.) 

Incidentally, Burgum announced his 2024 presidential candidacy on June 7, 2023, and withdrew from the race less than six months later on December 4.

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The Bottom Line

While Kevin O'Leary might not be the most fervent Trump supporter on the planet, his analysis of the former president and who might best be suited to complement Trump — vs. "compliment" —is valid. 

Either way, Joe Biden and the Democrats need to be the hell out of the White House on January 20, 2025.



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