Turley: Democrats 'Bordered on Delusional' While Questioning Special Counsel Hur

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Special Counsel Robert Hur's testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday on his report about Joe Biden's willful retention of classified documents and other sensitive material lived up to the "pre-game" hype that many expected. 


While Republicans continued to stress the two-tiered justice system in the case of Biden's classified documents vs. those of Donald Trump, Democrats continually tried to put words in Hur's mouth that neither he nor his report said. 

So how bad were the Democrats? George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley said the Democrats' questioning of Hur "seemed almost to border on the delusional."

During an appearance on Fox News's “America Reports,” Turley gave a perfect example.

Well, I thought the Republicans did a particularly good job today. Often the Democrats are way ahead in framing of hearings, but at points the Democrats seemed almost a border on the delusional. 

When you had Hur say ‘I did not exonerate the president’ and then Democrats would say ‘OK, so you exonerated the president’ and he would say ‘No, I didn’t’ and they would say ‘Thank you for that, with that exoneration.’ 

So for a lot of people watching, they probably kept on having to sort of reverse and see if they missed something here.

The thing to remember when Democrat politicians play this kind of nonsensical game is that they're playing solely to their base — low-information voters who don't give a damn about the facts. 


And I'd bet a dollar that every Democrat on the Judicial Committee, from serial-lying Adam Schiff (CA) to "genius" Sheila Jackson Lee (TX) knew long before the hearing began that Robert Hur is way too smart to succumb to their transparent attempts to portray his report as anything but what it was.

Turley continued:

The fact is that Hur tried over and over again to distinguish between his findings, which is that he was not confident he could convict if he did bring any charges, and the statement of Democrats that the president was cleared.

Like most people who aren't Democrats, Turley remains shocked that no charges were brought against Biden, particularly given the charges against Trump.

But out of this hearing, it came really some quite shocking observations. I mean, at the end, you're sort of still wondering why he wasn’t charged, including Hur saying ‘Look, we have audio tape of the president referring to the fact that he found classified evidence in his basement.’ Well, okay, that seems like full knowledge. But he kept on coming back to the fact that I think a jury might have been persuaded that this is a nice, elderly man with a faulty memory.


I'm not a prosecutor but it seems to me after listening to multiple legal opinions — including Turley, several times — on this case that it should have been left to a jury to determine whether or not Biden is sufficiently competent to be held accountable. 

What am I missing? Other than the reality of the two-tier justice system, I mean.


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