WATCH: Brandon Johnson Calls Greg Abbott a Threat to 'National Security' for Shipping Illegals to Chicago

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To be sure, all Democrat politicians — as far as I can tell — are blatant hypocrites, completely devoid of self-awareness. That said, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is in a class of his own.


Sunday, on CBS's "Face the Nation," Johnson's blatant hypocrisy and mind-blowing lack of self-awareness were on full display — in all of their magnificent idiocy.

At issue was Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's continuing transport of illegal aliens to the Windy City. Johnson told host Margaret Brennan that Abbott was “determined to continue to sow seeds of chaos” by shipping illegals to his city. 

Well, what we have is clearly— clearly an international and federal crisis that local governments are being asked to subsidize, and this is unsustainable, none of our local economies are positioned to be able to carry on such a mission. 

And what we have attempted to do is to create structure and some coordination around this— this humanitarian crisis. And unfortunately, the governor of Abbott, the governor of Texas, Governor Abbott, is determined to continue to sow seeds of chaos.

Hold the bus. (No pun intended.) How to put this tactfully... what the hell was that? Other than ridiculously laughable, I mean. Where does a rational, reasonably intelligent person begin? 

While I'm unaware of an "international crisis" developing due to our wide-open southern border, we clearly have a national crisis, with border towns being overrun, city resources being stretched beyond their limits — all of which is unsustainable — with the economies of those border towns being incapable of continuing "business as usual" under ever-worsening conditions.


And, "humanitarian crisis?" No doubt. Of epic proportions. "Seeds of chaos?" Off the charts. But Johnson "forgot" a critical piece of the puzzle. We'll get there.

The dishonest mayor continued:

And last night, and several nights before, a number of buses continued to arrive in the city of Chicago, throughout the country without any coordination. 

And now he’s taken on this very dangerous task of placing individuals on airplanes and flying them into our various cities. 

This is certainly a matter of— of not just— of our national security. But it’s the type of chaos that this governor is committed to administering.

It appears that Johnson has conveniently "forgotten" that the Biden Administration itself has been flying planeloads of illegal aliens around the country "in the dead of night" since at least 2021, as I reported at the time.

Speaking of Biden, he's the "We'll get there" part. While most of the embattled Chicago mayor's assertions were largely correct, the blame lies exclusively at the feet of the worst president in at least modern history. 

The Biden Border Crisis was intentionally created by this president and as the monthly numbers of illegal alien crossings continue to rise, with December setting a new record, this administration continues to do zero — other than lie.


The Bottom Line

While the "rules for thee but not for me" tactic is a common ploy employed by Democrat politicians, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson's pathetic performance on "Face the Nation" was far worse. 

He largely defined the problem — particularly facing our overrun border towns — but absurdly and laughingly attempted to blame the crisis on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott rather than Joe Biden, who is singularly responsible for that crisis.

Cojones? You bet. Big, lying ones.


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