Meanwhile, Shameless Biden Has Handed $2 Billion to Taliban Since Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal

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It's virtually impossible to make a complete list of the disastrous effects on the United States caused by Joe Biden's precipitous 2021 withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Afghanistan. Impossible, of course, because there are likely additional consequences to come. The only question is how bad those consequences might be.


Welp, Biden being Biden — whether we're talking about the Biden Border Crisis, Bidenflation, or the Biden War on Energy — the most inept president in history always manages to make his intentionally created crises even worse, which brings us to the subject of this article:

The Biden administration has sent roughly $2 billion in aid to the Taliban-controlled Afghan government in the aftermath of the withdrawal debacle. 

Samantha Power, the incompetent-as-hell head of the USAID (United States Agency for International Development), actually boasted about the ongoing U.S. hand-outs. 

The United States is the single largest humanitarian donor in Afghanistan, providing nearly $2 billion in humanitarian assistance for Afghans since mid-August 2021, including more than $1.46 billion from USAID.

Not to nitpick, but Power's braggadocio about the U.S. being the largest humanitarian donor to Afghanistan reminds us of just how brain-dead Team Biden remains. 

The Staggering Number of Weapons and Armaments Biden Left Behind

Not to forget, as my colleague Bob Hoge reported in March, Biden's chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021 included the abandonment of billions of dollars worth of weapons and armaments. Most of the military equipment of course ended in Taliban hands. Shortly before Hoge's article was published, the Taliban posted disturbing images of the left-behind military hardware, including this one:


Anyway, to further put into perspective the administration's continuing handouts to Afghanistan, the Taliban continues to do unacceptable crap like this:

Almost 20 staff members of a charity organization operating in central Afghanistan, including one U.S. national, have been arrested by regional officials in the Taliban-controlled nation, a spokesman for the provincial government in Ghor province told CBS News. 

The 18 detained aid workers were arrested for “propagating and promoting Christianity,” a violation of the Taliban’s strict regulations on all non-governmental groups, according to Abdul Wahid Hamas, the spokesman for the regional administration in Ghor province.

A local employee of The International Assistance Mission (IAM) in Ghor province also told CBS News, on the condition that he not be named, that the detained foreign employee was a U.S. woman who works at the office.

"At this time, out of respect for the family and our ongoing efforts to ensure their release, we can't confirm the nationality of the detained foreign worker," IAM told CBS News in a statement. 

"We are in a state of shock. We are accused of something I never imagined. We are just waiting to see what happens next and when they arrest us."


Yet the Biden administration continues to send U.S. taxpayer dollars to the Taliban, hand over fist.



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