The NRA Taunts Biden's New 'Gun Violence Prevention Office,' Suggests Far More Accurate Name

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As murder rates and other violent crime records continue to explode in large Democrat-run cities across America, Joe Biden has finally taken action — an action that only makes sense to the gun-grabbing left: the irrational creation of a new federal office called the Office of Gun Violence Prevention


Prior to the White House announcement, Biden said in a statement:

Every time I’ve met with families impacted by gun violence as they mourn their loved ones, and I’ve met with so many throughout the country, they all have the same message for their elected officials: "Do something."

Yo, Joe — like all those times you've met with loved ones in New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, and other Democrat cities where young Blacks are gunned down on a regular basis? Oh, wait — never mind. You've done nothing of the kind.

The office will be led by Kamala Harris —the most laughably ineffectual vice president in at least modern history — and longtime Biden aide Stefanie Feldman.  

Incidentally, I'd first launch into a short dissertation about how guns don't commit violence, which any rational, law-abiding gun owner knows, and I'd again remind the left that people commit violent acts — usually bad or mentally deranged people intent on doing bad or mentally deranged things — by any means available, but again, the sane among us already know it, by heart and rationale.  

Included in "the "sane among us" is the National Rife Association, which had a few mocking thoughts about Biden's new office, which we'll get to after this short clip of Joe's faux dramatic presentation:


As to be expected, the NRA blasted the new federal office, beginning with mocking the name — and suggesting a much more accurate title.

The Biden administration's new White House Office of so-called "Gun Violence Prevention" might as well be renamed the "Federal Office to Disarm Law-Abiding Americans and Defeat the NRA." One doesn't have to look far into Stefanie Feldman's social media to see biases and agenda: a barrage of over 20 posts aggressively targeting the NRA, combined with promises of "big, bold" executive action on gun control, paints a clear picture.

That it does.

Here's more on gun-grabber-wannabe Feldman:

A review of Feldman’s X account shows a handful of messages, going back to at least 2019, vowing to defeat the NRA, former President Trump and gun manufacturers, while others praised gun control activist groups that pledged support to Biden during the 2020 election. 

"Vote Biden. Defeat the NRA," Stefanie Feldman posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, in 2020, adding that, "The stakes are high."

"Brady is officially on Team Joe! Together, we’ll defeat Donald Trump. Then we’ll defeat gun manufacturers and the NRA," Feldman posted in March of 2020, referring to a gun control nonprofit supporting Biden's presidential campaign. 

"Biden will be the gun safety president. He's beaten the NRA before," she wrote in another post in January 2020. 

"Joe Biden isn't afraid of the NRA & gun manufacturers. He's defeated them twice before (background checks & assault weapons/high-cap mag bans). As president, he'll defeat them again. And, he'll repeal the non-sensical liability protection for gun manufacturers," she wrote in another post in 2019. 


The Democrats' Gun-Grabbing Clown Car, with Biden as its current hood ornament, is transparent as hell; from continuing to use concocted, inaccurate code terms like "assault rife" and "weapons of war," while virtually ignoring the real horrors of violent crime that continue in the streets of America's large cities.

And why do the Democrats turn a blind eye to the bloody streets of Chicago and elsewhere? Because those shootings run counter to their narrative — and as a result must necessarily be ignored.

The Bottom Line

The Democrat Party (as part of the far-left as a whole) is not dissimilar to a spoiled child. Give a small kid one piece of candy and he wants two — then another. He's never be satisfied. And neither are the Democrats.

From gun control to ever-increasing taxes to attacks against the moral fiber of America, today's Democrat Party will continue to eat the proverbial elephant (pun intended) one bite at a time, if the sane among us fail to stand strong and fight the far-left metastasis that threatens to destroy our country before our very eyes.

Here's the entire silly video — if you have the stomach to watch it.




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