Biden Lawyer Parrots Joe's Lies, Then Offers the Most Ridiculous Defense of 'The Big Guy' Yet

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As the damning evidence that Joe Biden was eyeball-deep in son Hunter's business dealings continues to mount, so do the lies. From Biden to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to Biden lawyer Abbe Lowell, the silly excuses, in a desperate attempt to justify Joe's involvement, also just keep coming.  


Incidentally, if you're unfamiliar with the depth of Lowell's abject sleaziness, this article from my colleague Jennifer Vann Laar is more than capable of catching you up.

Anyway, last Thursday, during an appearance on CNN, Lowell again declared that Hunter Biden "did not share" his business or his profits with Joe, while making the most ridiculous excuse yet to justify Biden's interactions with Hunter's "business associates."

I can tell you that Hunter did not share his business with his dad. I can tell you that he did not share money from his businesses with his dad. And as the evidence out there, his dad, like all good parents, tried to help Hunter when Hunter needed that help.

Have you stopped laughing at that last line? 

Perfect. Let's repeat it: "[L]ike all good parents, [Joe] tried to help Hunter when Hunter needed that help."

Really, Mr. Lowell? That's it? 

You're going to irrationally rationalize the actions of "the Big Guy," not to mention the huge piles of cash that allegedly found their way to Joe's bank account(s) by playing the "He was just trying to help his son when his son needed help" card?

That argument could be used to justify damn near any behavior of an adult with respect to his or her kids. So here's the question: Where does the "logic" end? When does that rationale become a mockery and an assault on the judicial system and the rule of law? 

Meanwhile, Biden continues to make two mutually exclusive claims: 


While stubbornly insisting "I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings," to brazenly declaring "First of all, my son has done nothing wrong," Biden has boxed himself in. How can he declare his crackhead son did nothing wrong if he has never talked to said crackhead son about his nefarious overseas business dealing? (He can't.)

The Plot Thickens

For those of us who've paid close attention to the Biden Family Business scandal, it's been apparent from the beginning that at some point, either Joe or Hunter — or both — would end up throwing the other under the bus in an attempt to save his own ass.

Sure enough, as we reported on Monday, Hunter has now sued the IRS, claiming IRS agents "targeted and sought to embarrass " him in an effort to protect Daddy Joe.

The complaint argues that those appearances were outside of their whistleblower claims to Congress and that those disclosures were wrongful conduct and not permitted. Biden's action claims the IRS "willfully, knowingly, and/or by gross negligence, unlawfully disclosed Mr. Biden's confidential tax information" and he wants $1,000 for each of the "unauthorized disclosures" of his return. 

The complaint argues that his rights were violated, "Yet the IRS and its agents have conducted themselves under a presumption that the rights that apply to every other American citizen do not apply to Mr. Biden," The suit also argues that the whistleblower allegations were only the most recent example of the problem.


Meanwhile, as House Democrats ready their defense of the embattled president against a Republican-majority House impeachment inquiry, one thing has become clear: Democrats will defend Joe Biden to the end — and not Hunter.

Virgin Island Democrat Rep. Stacey Plaskett recently spelled it out

Our job, or my job, will be to remind the American people of that over and over again that Hunter Biden is not the administration.

Hence, Hunter's newfound fear of his Dad's administration. 

Man, this whole thing would've made a great political novel, replete with palace intrigue. 

The Bottom Line

In the end, both Joe and Hunter Biden might very well find their asses under the bus. The question is, whether either of them or both will face the deserved consequences for actions now laid bare for all the world to see. 

For the above to happen, the Democrat lies and silly excuses must be overwhelmed by House Republicans with a backbone, and a judicial system that rises above the two-tiered injustice of the Biden regime.


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