Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson Waxes Idiotic About Mike Pence: 'One Notch Short of Stoning Gays'

Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson calls Mike Pence 'one notch short of stoning gays.' (Credit: MSNBC)

In this episode of "The Best Thing Lincoln Project Fools Have Going for Them Is Their Willingness to Humiliate Themselves"...

Before we begin, I'm fully aware that the mere mention of former Vice President Mike Pence's name causes a visceral reaction in some people — either because of his certification of the 2020 presidential election or because his staunch Christian agenda perhaps makes him unelectable — but here's the thing: 


The article isn't about Pence; it's about Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson

Anyway, during an appearance on MSNBC host Katie Phang's show on Sunday, Wilson declared — with a straight face, no less — that "Mike Pence is one notch short of stoning gays." 

Did I mention that Wilson presented zero evidence to back his ridiculous claim? Or that Phang didn't bother to ask him for relevant examples? 

An animated Phang giddily kicked off the festivities: 

During a campaign stop in Iowa last Tuesday, here's what one voter had to say about Pence's Christian agenda.

Phang then played a clip of a heckler blasting Pence: 

Mike Pence, nobody wants your Christian fascist bull*** anymore. Leave, and get the f*** out of our country, and get the f*** out of Iowa.

Pence handled the attack with grace: "I'll put him down as a maybe." Phang, on the other hand, did not. Again, she giddily tore into the former vice president.

Ah, bless his heart. Rick Wilson, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, Republican media strategist, and the author of Running Against the Devil, joins us now for our latest installment of, 'I'm Just Not That Into You, Either.'

Rick, as you heard in that soundbite, a Republican voter telling Mike Pence, we don't want your Christian fascist BS. So, why is America just not that into Pence?

Multiple reasons, Katie, which I won't relitigate, here. None of which, in my opinion, are warranted. 


Wilson, of course, was raring to launch into a ridiculous mini-fit against Pence. Here are several excerpts:

Look, if you want to look at other Republican governors and leaders who are both in the party, in this contest, and outside of it, they are now going to dismantle gay marriage with Obergefell. They're gonna challenge, they're gonna start rolling back birth control. These people always tell you what they will do, and they're moving forward on it.

And they don't need Mike Pence to sort of couch it in the sort of piety of the past. They don't need Mike Pence to pretend to be this kind of avuncular conservative guy, who just wants the best for babies. Because he doesn't. This is a man whose time has passed. This is a man who believes in nothing.


And look, Mike Pence was always a failure. The guy failed up over and over again. He was a terrible congressman. In his first campaign, he got caught paying his own mortgage out of his campaign funds. He became a failed radio talk show host.

But he had a certain niche inside the old party of being the so-con [social conservative] guy who was always gonna be able to go out further to the right than anybody else. 

I mean, Mike Pence is one, is one notch short of stoning gays, in his, in his position in social conservative matters. And so, I worry that anybody gives the guy the time of day.

The "humorous" duo closed out the segment with a couple of "funny" jabs at Pence that weren't funny, at all, and said far more about Phang and Wilson than Mike Pence.


So again, this article isn't about Pence and whether he stands a chance to win the Republican nomination; it's about the deranged lies and personal attacks from people like Rick Wilson and Katie Phang.

The late brilliant columnist Charles Krauthammer said it best: "Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.”

With respect to Mike Pence, vs. Rick Wilson and Katie Phang, Dr. Krauthammer was spot on. 

The Bottom Line

As a constitutional conservative, I expect neither fairness nor decency from the left — including from discredited fools like the Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson, who laughingly attempts to hide behind his faux conservatism mask while attacking true conservatives. 

If liberals didn't invent the politics of personal destruction, they sure as hell perfected it. 


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