Jim Jordan Calls Hunter Biden Indictment a 'Face-Saving Exercise' for Biden's DOJ, Reveals Key Facts

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If you think the Hunter Biden indictment on federal gun charges was a joke, you're not alone. If you also think the indictment was a travesty of justice, you're far from alone there, too. 


Not only does House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) agree but he also said in an exclusive interview on Friday with Breitbart News that Thursday’s indictment of Joe Biden's crackhead son was a “face-saving exercise” for Attorney General Merrick Garland's embattled Department of Justice (DOJ).

Jordan dismissed the Biden indictment as a mere public relations move, saying of Biden's DOJ: "At some point, it's got to do something." And that "something," Jordan said, was intentional — with respect to indicting Hunter Biden on a single charge that didn't involve Joe Biden.

So they go with the one charge that has no links to the White House, the gun charge, and they announce it two days after the speaker announces that there’s an impeachment inquiry that’s been launched by the House of Representatives.

To Jordan's point, you'd have to be blind to not see the above. The "you," of course, refers to rational, objective Americans with even a modicum of intelligence.

In response to the nonsensical claims on the left that House Republicans have no factual or evidentiary basis on which to indict Joe Biden's son, Jordan again nailed it.

You got the ‘ten percent for the big guy,’ ’50 percent for pops,’ all the emails, you’ve got the WhatsApp messages, the shakedown message, you got ‘the brand is Joe Biden,’ you got all those things. 

You got multiple times that [David] Weiss has changed his story, multiple Biden family members getting paid from multiple companies that are set up, all those facts.


Memo to Democrats: 

Flip the script and pretend everything Jordan said above was instead in reference to Donald Trump and Trump Jr. Would you indict Trump Jr., if so? And would you also go after Trump Sr. — big time? The questions are rhetorical. Of course, you would.

“The central facts revolve around Burisma, because that tells the story,” Jordan said.

The four central facts are one, Hunter Biden was put on the board of Burisma and paid a boatload of money; two he wasn’t qualified to serve on the board of Burisma; three, Burisma asked him to weigh in with D.C. to help them with the prosecutor who was applying pressure to them, who was investigating them; four, Joe Biden goes to Ukraine, leverages American tax dollars to fire that prosecutor. Those are four central facts that are never going to change.

That fact pattern is consistent with what is in the 1023 form, that the confidential human source conveyed to the FBI, that Joe Biden took policy actions, [and] policy preferences were made, in exchange for money going to his family. That’s the central thing of this investigation. And oh, by the way, when Joe Biden fired the prosecutor, it was an abrupt change from the policy of the administration.

Every bit of it, true — but here's the thing:

I wonder if Jordan, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, and all Republicans who favor bringing down Joe Biden are ultimately shooting themselves — and the country — in the foot. I mean, why would the GOP not want Joe Biden to be the Democrats' 2024 standard-bearer? 


The Bottom Line

There's little reason to believe that House Republicans won't present a more than credible case in pursuit of an impeachment of Joe Biden. There's also little evidence to suggest the Democrat-majority Senate would vote to impeach "the big guy." 

The above said, one could argue that a House impeachment of America's 46th president might be a catch-22 conundrum for the GOP. 

An impeachment, theoretically, could result in the removal of Joe Biden from the presidency, either through an unlikely conviction in the Senate, or the Democrat Party finding a way to pull the plug on Biden's reelection campaign. Justice served, but at what cost?

If I'm the 2024 Republican presidential nominee, I want Joe Biden. And I want him, bad.


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