'Why Do Democrats Hate Black Americans So Much?' Dan Bongino Blisters Democrat Party Hypocrisy

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Paramount among the multitudinous "dirty little secrets" of the Democrat Party has been its intentional, inexcusable treatment and exploitation of Black America. Former Fox News host and podcaster Dan Bongino put it far more bluntly on Friday — and every word of it was spot on.


Before we get to Bongino's blistering takedown of the Democrats, the above "dirty little secrets" should more accurately read: "dirty little non-secret secrets." 

The Democrats know it. We know it. And they know we know it. The challenge for the Democrats is to do their dishonest damnedest to keep a majority of Black America from knowing it. 

Anyway, Bongino needed just one tweet to accurately and incisively describe the Democrat Party's mistreatment treatment of the nation's Blacks.

Why do Democrats hate Black Americans so much? Between talking to them like children, lecturing them about how they don’t have agency over their own lives, calling any independent thinker vile, disgusting names, and destroying their communities with their piss-poor governance, it’s appropriate to ask “is this intentional?” The answer is “yes.” Of course it is.

Hell yes, it's intentional — from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to prominent Black conservatives to Black urban Americans who've been lied to by the Democrat Party for six decades.

Speaking of calling any independent thinker vile, disgusting names, the most recent and glaring example was the abhorrent treatment of Clarence Thomas after the Supreme Court in June 2022 effectively overturned Roe v. Wade with the Dobbs decision, in a 6-3 conservative majority vote. 


While Justice Thomas was just one of six votes in the majority decision, he was singled out by the left with racial slurs, unmercifully. This surprised conservatives exactly zero, of course, given that Thomas has been subjected to racist attacks from the left for more than 32 years — since his nomination to the Supreme Court by then-President George H.W. Bush in 1991. 

And Thomas's unforgivable sin? His refusal to toe the Democrat party line. His insistence on speaking his mind, having independent thoughts, and rejecting Democrat narratives. Better yet, his adherence to the U.S. Constitution.

Other examples abound, of course, including South Carolina senator and 2024 GOP presidential candidate Tim Scott, whom MSNBC race-hustler Joy Reid in May called a "token" and "a prop" for the Republican Party, who's "known for political minstrelsy: embarrassing public acts meant to amuse white bigots and ameliorate their policies in the public eye."

With respect to Bongino's mention of the Democrats destroying Black communities, as we reported in January, we can point to Lyndon Johnson’s 1965 War on Poverty, which has been an abject failure for nearly 60 years, as noted in a 2014 report from the Heritage Foundation. 

But here's a better idea: Let's go to Al Sharpton — yes, Al Sharpton — in October 2022 for his admonishment of the Democrat Party's failure to connect with Black America. During an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Sharpton was asked why people of color are breaking away from the Democrat Party.


Sharpton surprisingly responded with a rare shred of honesty:

So you’re seeing this as the polls indicate, Latinos and Black men go the other way because they’re [the Democrat Party] not getting their message to the ground in the way they should.


They must connect the message to those that [sic] would be energized. At this point, that has not happened. I think coming out of the caucus, we can, they are trying to make that connection.

While Sharpton was far from blunt and blatantly skirted the issue, he clearly suggested that increasing numbers of people of color have begun to see through the Democrats' hollow promises.

I think I'll just let Rev. Al have the last word.


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