'Backdoor Violation of Second Amendment': Biden ATF Strips Licenses From Hundreds of Gun Dealers

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In this episode of "Gun Grabbing With Joe Biden"...

Oops, he did it again — on purpose, of course. "It," being our gun-grabbing president has again gone full-metal extra-constitutional with yet another executive overreach attempt; this time stripping the licenses from 122 more gun dealers in a move one critic called a 'backdoor violation of the Second Amendment."


Rightly so.

The Biden administration continues to escalate its revocation of gun dealer licenses at an unprecedented rate, which of course has angered not only many in the firearms industry but also untold numbers of law-abiding gun owners, including law-enforcement veterans.  

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has revoked the licenses of 122 gun dealers in the current fiscal year. In the previous fiscal year, the figure was 90, and in 2021 it was only 27. 

Moreover, since records of revocations began in 2013, the ATF never revoked more than 81 dealers' licenses, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. Prior to Gun-Grabbin' Joe riding into town, the ATF mainly issued warnings to firearms dealers for legal violations, in part because "they are a valuable source of tips on suspicious gun buyers." 

Coincidence? Please.

While Democrats and their parroting allies in the lapdog media claim the administration's moves constitute an effort to curtail pretend "gun violence" — as far as I can tell, no gun has ever committed violence — while Second Amendment advocates rightly argue that further restricting gun ownership of law-abiding gun owners doesn't solve or curtail the crisis of bad or mentally disturbed people committing violent crimes.

ATF Director Steve Dettelbach told the WSJ:


We’ve taken steps to hold accountable those few dealers who are engaging in these willful violations. They’re not going to have the privilege of being a gun dealer anymore.

"Few"? Unless Dettelbach meant the highest number of license revocations in more than 40 years.

Colorado firearms dealer Anthony Navarro, who lost his license in 2022 after receiving several warnings in the previous 15 years, called Biden's gun-grabbing policy exactly what it is:

We were making $1 million a year, now it's less than $100,000. This policy is designed to be a backdoor violation of the Second Amendment. 

Is it any wonder? 

Now, I don't know if the revocation of Navarro's license was warranted or not, but I do know that 40 years of records — compared to what's now going on — don't tend to lie.

Moreover, if we've learned anything from the Democrat Party over the decades, it's that when they fail to win via the Constitution or existing federal law, their go-to strategy has always been to attempt to change laws to match their narrative, pack the Supreme Court, circumvent the Constitution, or, with Biden's favorite go-to, executive overreach. And in a few "rare" cases [sarc], they cheat.

Examples abound. 

From ignoring federal immigration law to attempting an end-around of the  Supreme Court's June 2022 decision, effectively overruling Roe v. Wade — via the Dobbs decision — to unconstitutionally attempting to force COVID mandates on the country, to also attempting an end-around on Biden's student loan "forgiveness" scam, which has also been ruled unconstitutional, this president has done his damnedest to push radical leftism on America, by hook or by crook. [Pun intended]


The Bottom Line

I've written it multiple times, and I'll undoubtedly write it multiple times in the future: The Democrat Party, which now does the bidding of the radical left, is hellbent on destroying the America in which most of us proudly grew up. 

Some of our fathers or grandfathers fought in WWII to protect this awesome country and the freedoms it has provided since the Founding. Those freedoms are now at risk, and they grow ever more fragile as the left continues its insidious efforts to destroy them — to destroy the very freedoms we once took for granted.

We must never take our freedoms for granted, again. 



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