Seattle Schools Offer Free 'Gender-Affirming Care' to Kids as Young as 11, Instruct Staff Not to Tell Parents

No matter how many times I run across stories like this one, my reactions range from visceral to logical anger. In this particular case, my emotions run the gamut. I suspect yours do as well.


Two public schools in Seattle are reportedly offering “gender-affirming care” to students as young as 11 years old at no cost, which one critic called a “whole new level of awful for schools to be involved.”‘

Documents obtained by Parents Defending Education (PDE) reveal that health centers at Meany Middle School and Nova High School are offering “no-cost comprehensive, trauma-informed, and gender-affirming care, conveniently at the school,” according to the Seattle Public School document. So what about payment for services? No worries; they gotcha covered, kiddies:

We bill appropriate services to insurance if you have it. There are never any co-pays or co-insurance to worry about. We also offer services and support to students and families without insurance.

Erika Sanzi, PDE director of outreach, told the Daily Mail the move was “a whole new level of awful and terrifying for schools to be involved.”

It’s bad enough that medical professionals are prescribing cross-sex hormones and cutting off [the] breasts and genitals of minors. It is a whole new level of awful and terrifying for schools to be involved.

This is a vile sickness in the extreme.

Neither school specifies what the no-cost “gender-affirming care” entails, although both school clinics are operated by Country Doctor Community Health Centers, which offers gender-affirming care services and referrals for sex-change surgeries, “hormone therapy for adolescents,” and “assistance obtaining mental health letters of support for gender-affirming procedures.”


“Country Doctor.” How obscenely ironic.

Somehow, I don’t envision country doctors of old performing irreversible double mastectomies and castrations of minors. Then again, I’m a moral conservative troglodyte, so… [sarc]

As I suggested in the headline, school staff are instructed, per Seattle Public School District policy, to conceal students’ so-called gender identity from their parents, according to the aforementioned documents, although it’s unclear if the schools inform parents when a child seeks gender-affirming care at one of the clinics.

Seattle Public Schools said in a statement to Fox News:

Access to these services enables the early intervention, prevention, and treatment of health-related barriers to learning with the goal of promoting school attendance and improved academic performance.

Uh-huh. Perhaps in some dystopian Twilight Zone. 

Maybe I’m naive, but it’s hard to imagine an 11-year-old child with the maturity to choose life-altering “services,” much less to have had such stirrings that suggest he or she wants to play for the other team.

And speaking of dystopian, the notion that public school systems have the legal or moral right to intentionally hide so-called gender identity — no doubt “discovered” by young kids as a result of a public “education” (indoctrination) — is off-the-charts madness.


Needless to say, gender-affirmation controversies abound across America.

As we reported in March, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — now a 2024 presidential candidate — caused a stir on both sides of the political aisle, albeit for different reasons, when the @DeSantisWarRoom Twitter account showed footage of Joe Biden blasting Florida’s transgender surgery police in split-screen with images of gender-affirming surgery, some of which are graphic.

And as we reported in early July, a grieving California mother explained how her 16-year-old daughter was “murdered by gender ideology.”

My daughter was murdered by a gender ideology. CPS [Child Protective Services] took my daughter when she was 16 years old. It was helped by her public school counselor and LGBTQ group and another trans-identified girl.

My daughter was taken from her loving home because the state of California claimed I was abusive for not affirming her trans identity. I lost my daughter over a name and pronouns. Even after I promised to call her a male name, it wasn’t enough.

My daughter was not a boy trapped in a girl’s body. She had mental health issues. Against my consent, my daughter was given testosterone instead of therapy. The LGBTQ group used her to raise money for them. “Look at the poor reject trans boy,” they said.


Similar stories are abundant, yet the insanity continues— and it continues to become more pervasive.

I’m going to just leave it there. For now, that is.


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