Tucker on a Mission: Former Fox News Star Reportedly Raising Money for New Media Venture

As is the case with most successful people, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson didn’t reach the top of his profession without perseverance, a few setbacks, a willingness to fight for his convictions, and the support of others who believe in him, as well.


Now Carlson is reportedly planning his next big move.

Following Carlson’s abrupt departure from Fox News in April, the former #1 host took a scaled-back version of his show to Twitter in early June, where he promptly broke the Internet with his first episode and has continued to do so through seven episodes to date.

Meanwhile, Fox News, the “Fair and Balanced” network, with teeth gnashing and fists clenched (no doubt ticked off to the max over Carlson’s massive Twitter following), allegedly sent a “cease and desist” letter to their former star to end his “Tucker on Twitter” shows.

Fox News contends Carlson is still under contract and his show is a breach of the terms.

Needless to say, Carlson disagrees with Fox’s interpretation of his deal and his current Twitter show. High-powered attorney Harmeet Dhillon agrees and says her “friend and client will not be silenced.”

As I said at the top, Carlson is reportedly raising money for a new media company. According to veteran media reporter Dylan Byers, the eight remaining members of the Tucker Carlson Tonight team were told on Monday they would need to leave Fox by mid-July, with the option to reapply for new positions.

Byers believes Carlson’s move to Twitter was a calculated means to an end, which would make complete sense, given he can maintain a connection with millions of followers while planning a larger project.


It’s increasingly possible that the Twitter show is a top-of-funnel play for other things Tucker may soon have cooking. In fact, I am told he is raising capital to launch a new company that may yet prove more influential.

Anyone who’s paid a modicum of attention to the machinations at Fox News over the Tucker problem since Carlson’s unceremonious departure from the network shouldn’t be surprised in the least by the report from Byers.

I won’t call it a blood feud, but knowing Carlson, it’s reasonable to assume he’s on a personal vendetta against his former employer and will stop at virtually nothing to prove how massively Fox News screwed up by letting him go.

(Bud Light and Target were unavailable for comment.)

Byers suggested that Carlson would “certainly benefit from an incongruous number of ultra-wealthy conservative media investors and a scant (though growing) number of opportunities,” adding:

[His new venture] could “serve as a paradigm for a generation of TV news personalities with huge followings and fandoms who remain marooned to their desks amid shrinking audiences.”

I know the word’s overused, but BINGO.

The Bottom Line

I’ve been convinced for a while that untold numbers of Americans, regardless of political persuasion, are fed up with traditional media outlets and their respective attempts to “reframe” (skew) the news to best fit the various narratives they push, which is often times based on pressure from advertisers with their own agendas.


As a result, it seems reasonable to me that major influencers, in addition to Tucker Carlson, might relish freeing the shackles — the bondage, as it were — of their masters and the various forces at play in today’s corporate media.

To that end, kudos to Carlson if this latest report is correct. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the guy.

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