DeSantis Rolls out Bold 'Stop the Invasion' Plan to Finally Put an End to Biden's Border Crisis

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Throughout the 2020 presidential primaries, Joe Biden continually signaled to the world that if he won the election, America was going to all but install northbound people movers along the southern border. Roughly 5.5 million illegal aliens later, the Biden Border Crisis continues unabated.


On Monday, Florida governor and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis unveiled an impressive, comprehensive plan to stop Biden’s invited invasion of America in its tracks “once and for all … by stopping the invasion, building the wall, holding cartels accountable, and working with states to enforce the law.”

DeSantis revealed the plan at a campaign event in Eagle Pass, Texas, near the border.

Joe Biden’s dereliction of duty has made our southern border a disaster zone. The Biden Administration is the critical link in an illegal transnational human smuggling syndicate. For decades, leaders from both parties have produced empty promises on border security, and now it is time to act to stop the invasion once and for all.

As president, I will declare a national emergency on day one and will not rest until we build the wall, shut down illegal entry, and win the war against the drug cartels. No excuses. We will get it done.

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin reported from Eagle Pass:

One of the biggest things that jumped out to me is Gov. DeSantis says if he’s president he intends to change rules of engagement at the border to allow for deadly force to be used against anybody cutting through the border wall. He adds, quote, “If you drop a couple of these cartel operatives, they will stop coming.

Translation: “Compassionate” Biden and the Democrats are going to hate every word of it.


An impressive website titled “Mission — Stop the Invasion — No Excuses” reads, in part:

Joe Biden has failed to meet the most basic responsibility of ensuring the territorial integrity of our country. Biden’s gross dereliction of duty has left the southern border in shambles.

Millions of illegal aliens have entered the United States during Biden’s administration, including criminal aliens and individuals suspected by the U.S. government of terrorism, which has overwhelmed communities across the nation.


Vast expanses of the border have no barrier at all, as the needed border wall is far short of completion. The Mexican drug cartels have capitalized on Biden’s failure by trafficking humans and drugs across the border at record levels. The drugs that infiltrated our country have devastated communities from coast to coast: fentanyl trafficked across the southern border is now the leading killer of Americans between the ages of 18 and 50.

This epic failure to reclaim our sovereignty has caused harms that touch millions of Americans in their daily lives. Public safety has suffered. El Paso, TX used to be a quiet, orderly town, yet they recently had to suspend their streetcar service because there were some 1,800 illegal aliens sleeping on the sidewalk.

And it’s not just El Paso—every border town is under assault: sidewalks filled with illegals from around the world, emergency rooms overflowing, ranches and homes overrun, and public safety shredded because Joe Biden has refused to meet his most basic responsibility of upholding American sovereignty.


Every word in the above statement flies in the face of the continuing lies of Biden, disastrous Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayrokas, and every other member of an inept administration that intentionally continues the illegal alien madness.

Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy, who’s endorsed DeSantis, said of the “Stop the Invasion” plan:

Washington’s status quo approach to border security is one of the biggest failures of our generation. This crisis has decimated ranchers, killed Americans with dangerous narcotics, placed migrants in horrific situations from sex trafficking to death, and placed American national security at risk to China and cartels.

Texans and our courageous DPS Troopers deserve credit for standing in the breach created by Joe Biden. We need a president in the White House who is not afraid to use the full weight of his office to build the wall, stop the flow, and force Congress to send a bill to sign to fix the laws once and for all.

Ron DeSantis not only has a strong plan to secure the border – in line with our Texas plan – he has the courage to finally deliver results.

Again, every word Roy spoke was true.

While Biden 2024 challenger Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls the continuing border crisis a “dystopian nightmare” and “unsustainable,” House Democrat Chair Pete Aguilar (Calif.) idiotically blames the border crisis on “climate change.”


The Bottom Line

The ugly non-secret secret is the Democrat Party wants to import as many illegal aliens into this country as they can get away with, with the goal being a permanent shift in voter demographics, which Democrats incorrectly believe will provide a permanent majority in Congress and a lock on the White House.

RFK Jr. was right. But “dystopian nightmare” wouldn’t even begin to describe an America permanently ruled by today’s radical Democrat Party.



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