'The View' Spew: Whoopi and Sunny Demand Constitutional Amendment to Bar 'Jailed' Trump Presidency

It’s hardly a secret that the geniuses of ABC’s “The View” — principally Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Joy Behar — loathe the ground on which Donald Trump walks. But, in yet another example of Trump living in these ladies’ heads, 24/7, Goldberg and Hostin outdid themselves on Thursday’s episode.


The pair worked themselves into quite a lather and they pretty much lost their crap over the notion of Trump running the country from a prison cell, demanding that “something” be done to keep it from happening. Now, these two geniuses made three assumptions on the way to their latest hilarious meltdown.

First: Trump will be found guilty after his recent federal indictment on 37 felony counts related to his alleged mishandling of classified documents and sentenced to prison. Second: Trump will the Republican nomination. Third: Trump will win the 2024 presidential election.

I won’t comment on the merits of the case against Trump or whether I believe he’ll win the GOP nomination and go on to win the presidency, but I will say this: The mere thought of the possibility of this scenario playing out is surrealistic indeed, and would have seemed virtually impossible to even envision in America not all that long ago.

Anyway, let’s go to Whoopi for the opening ceremonies of Thursday’s clown show — and her near meltdown over the above scenario.

I know this is really weird, but I’ve been having strange thoughts. What I think has happened for us as a nation is over the past ten years weird stuff has been happening in the country to show us where the problems are.

I think the fact that we have this situation now with you-know-who is there to tell us, “Hey, y’all have a problem and these kinds of things are going to start coming up because these kinds of people, people who are not reading the Constitution, don’t know the law, don’t know how this country runs are now starting to get in.


I shudder to think about Whoopi’s “weird” thoughts about anything, but the notion that rank-and-file low-information voters give a damn about reading the Constitution, much less understanding it from an objective or legal perspective, is laughable — at best. In addition, Whoopi’s definition of “all these kinds of things” and your definition are undoubtedly diametrically opposed; at least to the point of the root causes of this country’s serious problems.

She continued:

What … was really started to freak me out is the idea that we’re not even discussing changing the Constitution to make it say you cannot be in jail and be the president.

Again, the very notion is surrealistic, but yes, it could happen. Noted constitutional expert Sunny Hostin had thoughts, as well. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is comedy gold. Emphasis mine:

That’s a wonderful point. Amendments are very American. You know, I mean, it’s — some people argue the Constitution is not a breathing and living thing, that it’s sort of stagnant. I, of course, feel differently. I feel it’s a living and breathing thing. Because we didn’t have cell phones before. We don’t know [sic] there would be AR-15s.

I had to read that nugget twice before I could stop laughing.


Next up, Mensa member Joy Behar weighed in, doubting that the amendment thingy would work, for which she promptly blamed… wait for it… Republicans. She shrieked:

Well, because as long as you have these feckless Republicans in the law and order party ready to give this criminal a free pass and a get out of jail free pass, you’re never going to – even an amendment is not going to change those people.

Worked-up Whoopi was unfazed by Behar’s screeching, as she demanded a constitutional amendment to bar the Devil’s spawn from destroying America from a prison cell. [yes, sarc]

But the amendment will change how we deal with people who come up like this. That’s what I want.

Comedic entertainment, yes — but also another glimpse into the angry mindset of the TDS-riddled left, which should serve notice to the wise among us that left-wing voters will be just as fired up, if not more so, as Republican voters when the 2024 presidential election rolls around.

The Bottom Line

So here we find ourselves. Thankfully, we have the comedians of “The View” and their daily clown show to not only entertain us as the Trump thing continues to unfold but for another reason, as well.

We don’t write about buffoons like Goldberg, Behar, and Hostin because we think they’re newsworthy — they’re not. We cover them because, as Rush Limbaugh regularly reminded us, the more we allow leftists to talk, the more they tell us exactly who they are.


In the case of “The View,” along with CNN, MSNBC, et al., they also show us how their audiences, and untold numbers of other Americans just like them, think. As Rush said, it’s never a bad idea to expose leftwing groupthink to as many rational Americans as possible.


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