WATCH: Liz Cheney's PAC Drops First Ad of 2024 Presidential Cycle, Warns Voters About 'Risk' of Trump

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Like all “good” TDS-riddled Democrat lawmakers, humiliated former “Republican” Congresswoman Liz Cheney is incapable of understanding that the more she attacks Donald Trump, the more it destroys her future in politics. Rather than learn a lesson in reality, Cheney just keeps coldcocking herself.


If my (safe as hell) hunch is right, Cheney is about to get blistered, again — bigly. 

Cheney’s (R-Wyo.) super PAC, The Great Task, has released its first ad of the 2024 presidential cycle, titled “Risk,” which warns voters against voting for the former president.

Before we get to the ad, Cheney’s PAC describes itself thusly:

The Great Task is a multi-candidate PAC sponsored by Congresswoman Liz Cheney that is focused on reverence for the rule of law, respect for our Constitution, and a recognition that all citizens have a responsibility to put their duty to the country above partisanship. The Great Task is designed to educate and mobilize Americans in a unified effort to ensure that our Republic endures.

As you might expect, “a unified effort to ensure that our Republic endures” is translatable to We must stop the Devil’s own spawn, Donald Trump, from returning to the White House — if not destroy him completely.

To be sure, Cheney’s 24x7x365 Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome is equaled only by that of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi. While others come close, these two ladies’ TDS is way off the charts.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, the 60-second ad is airing in New Hampshire, and “shockingly” [sarc], shows the events leading up to and during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. While Cheney doesn’t appear in the ad, she does the melodramatic voice-over.

Donald Trump is the only president in American history who has refused to guarantee the peaceful transfer of power. He lost the election, and he knew it. He betrayed millions of Americans by telling them the election was stolen. He ignored the rulings of dozens of courts. Rather than accept his defeat, he mobilized a mob to come to Washington and march on the Capitol.

Then he watched on television while the mob attacked law enforcement, invaded the Capitol, and hunted the vice president. He refused for three hours to tell the mob to leave. There has never been a greater dereliction of duty by any president. Trump was warned repeatedly that his plans for January 6 were illegal. He didn’t care.


“And today, he celebrates those who attacked our Capitol, Cheney said, warning:

Donald Trump has proven he is unfit for office. Donald Trump is a risk America can never take again.

So, pretty much the same thing that Cheney, former Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger (who, with Cheney, comprised Pelosi’s two handpicked token Republicans on the “House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack”), and Trump-loathing Democrats have said from the beginning.

Still, Cheney’s faux dystopian ad humorously makes Trump appear even more sinister.


Scary, ain’t it? [sarc]

As noted by the Examiner, Cheney started the super PAC after losing her 2022 primary election to a Trump-endorsed candidate, Harriet Hageman. Hageman said in a statement that Cheney might as well be “setting money on fire” because her ads against Trump won’t work.

There is one person who Republican voters wish would go away, and it’s not Donald Trump. It’s Liz Cheney. Her personal vendetta against President Trump knows no bounds, and she’s proven it once again with this ad.

Hageman was correct, on both counts.

The Bottom Line

While some political pundits suggest the Democrat Party is terrified of Trump winning the 2024 Republican nomination, others say the Democrats and other Trump haters should just shut the hell up because every time they attack the guy, his poll numbers go up — and that Democrats should hope Trump wins the nomination, because he’s the only viable Republican that Biden can beat.


I’ll sit this one out, but I’ll reiterate that Liz Cheney singlehandedly destroyed her political career. That said, to paraphrase Hillary, what difference, at this point, does it make to Cheney if she attacks Trump, now?

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