Noted China Expert Warns: 'People's Liberation Army' Agents Enter the US Through the Southern Border

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First off, look at the goofy look on Biden’s face in the feature image. What’s it tell you — other than he’s clueless, but we already know that? It tells me that Joe Biden honestly believes ChiCom dictator Xi Jinping is one of his pals, and as such, honors every word he gives our inept president — and then some.


For that, and innumerable other ominous reasons, Joe Biden is a dangerous fool who has no business plopped in the Oval Office, must less negotiating with communists whose stated goal is world domination. But let’s back up the short bus, a bit.

The continuing Biden Border Crisis™ is not only responsible for the illegal entry to the U.S. of more than five million Hispanics over the course of just two years; nearly 70 non-US citizens on the FBI’s terrorist watch list have been caught trying to illegally cross the southern border since just since October 2022 — a disturbing trend indeed.

In addition, as noted China expert Gordon Chang told Newsmax, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is entering the country through the border, as well. During an appearance on  “America Right Now,” Chang said:

Michael Yon, the war correspondent who’s been spending his time in the Darién Gap, where these migrants … flow through has been saying he’s been seeing … males of military age who are unaccompanied with families. That, to me, suggests either People’s Liberation Army or Ministry of State Security agents.

Surely you jest, Gordon. I mean DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas continues to assure us (lie his ass off) that no border “crisis” exists, and even more assuring [sarc], that the southern border is “secure.” [ROFL emoji]


Chang continued — even more ominously:

And I think that on the first day of the war in Asia, we are going to see it fought on American soil because they’ll turn off our lights, turn off the water, and these guys coming across the border are going to be detonating bombs and creating havoc.

So really, what we’ve got right now is our enemy infiltrating us. Now, most of the people coming across are refugees. China right now has some real problems, which is the reason why we have a flood of people from China. But in that flow, I am sure that there are saboteurs.

Biden, Mayorkas, and the entirety of the Democrat Party were unavailable for comment.

Perhaps a simpler way to put Chang’s point is to flip it: Why would Beijing not send agents across Biden’s intentionally porous border? Leisurely floating spy balloons aside, I mean.

As reported by Axios in late February, thousands of Chinese migrants and asylum seekers have arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border in recent months, and many more are heading north after passing through the treacherous Darién Gap jungle between Colombia and Panama. Is it reasonable to assume that planted among those “thousands,” People’s Liberation Army or Ministry of State Security agents might exist?

This is just one example of people from well beyond the Americas rushing to seek refuge in Joe Biden’s America, and it presents a perfect opportunity for bad guys with bad intent to slip into the country.


Axios further noted that Chinese nationals are granted asylum at a relatively high rate in the U.S. — 58 percent, according to recent government data. That’s compared to an average of just 10 percent for asylum seekers from the Northern Triangle, which includes Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

And I haven’t even mentioned “gotaways.”

The Bottom Line

While Joe Biden and the equally inept members of his administration how about pretend climate change — AKA “the existential threat to mankind” — the security and sovereignty of the United States is under threat on a continual basis, and intentionally so, by the worst president in the history of this country.

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