California Reparations Board Seeks to Resurrect 1860s Agency That Helped Freed Former Slaves

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Meanwhile, let’s check in on the recent haps in the wokest state in America…

First, as we recently reported, San Francisco is poised to hand out $5 million in pretend “reparations” — taxpayer money — to every black resident of the city. And California was never a slave-owning state, mind you.


Now, the California Reparations Task Force is recommending reviving a modern version of the Freedmen’s Bureau — an all-encompassing agency created in 1865 to assist previously enslaved black people — to administer any benefits related to the aforementioned taxpayer handouts.

Crazy? We’re talking about the People’s Republic of Woke California, what do you think?

As reported by NBC News, the nine-member task force, impaneled by Gavin Newsom, the wokest, most hypocritical governor in America, “has been researching for two years the depth of the harms inflicted by racism in the state and beyond. During a public hearing earlier this month in Sacramento, the task force agreed with Chair Kamilah Moore to recommend a state agency called the Freedom Affairs Agency that would work similarly to the 1860s Freedmen’s Bureau.”

Here’s more, via NBC News:

The task force said its recommendations for reparations would include monetary compensation and the installation of programs to address long-standing systemic inequalities. Establishing centralized oversight to these proposals was a top concern to both the task force and the individuals who attended the public hearings.

An unidentified man from Hayward, Calif., drove 90 miles to Sacramento to tell the task force:

We need these programs you’re talking about to be held accountable. The last thing we need is for this to be a scam and people lining their pockets.


Should we tell him?

This whole thing is the largest scam perpetrated on California citizens in the no-longer-Golden State’s history — and that’s saying a hell of a lot. Nonetheless, Kamilah Moore was all in:

We know the Legislature is going to do what it wants. Why shouldn’t we go as large as possible?

Uh-huh, Kamilah — go big or go home, right?

Thing is, Kamilah, on your way to your pretend promised land, you’re going to bankrupt the state — and San Francisco, for sure — before the impact of this colossal scam is fully known. And why do I think you don’t give a damn about that very real possibility?

As noted by NBC, the agency would “provide perpetual special consideration to descendants of American slaves,” as Moore added, with “a general counsel, chief financial officer, a communications department, a genealogy arm, and a research branch, among other resources.”

“Decedents of American slaves.” Sounds relatively easy to determine, right? Nonsense.

How long before we see objections by black people whose next-door black neighbors “qualified” for the $5 million handout, but they didn’t? The lawsuits alone will be overwhelming, and will take years to adjudicate — and that’s just the beginning of this placating boondoggle.

So, the 1860s Freedmen’s Bureau

The Freedmen’s Bureau was established by Congress soon after slavery was abolished in America and served the four million newly freed Black Americans to find clothing, food, and shelter, and in addition, helped with relocation and medical assistance. The bureau, which was in existence for just four years, established offices in 15 cities across the South and in border states, where it founded schools, legalized marriages, and oversaw land purchases, among many other services.


Just me, or does anyone else see an opportunity, if the Freedmen’s Bureau 2.0 becomes a reality, for fraud to abound?

Just three words should put this whole thing into proper perspective: Black Lives Matter.

As I reported last Wednesday, the BLM movement shook down corporate America for $83 billion, and even more “shockingly” [sarc], the whereabouts of that “moral blackmail” money has been hard to trace. Even a former BLM activist-turned-conservative called the so-called “reparations” plan nothing more than “selling oppression.”

Could it happen, in this case, with the so-called “reparation” funds, on a much greater scale? Of course, it could.

Sane California Reparation Task Force members have questioned the affordability of the massive program, but as one might expect, Kamilah Moore was more than happy to respond:

The scope of harm is large, so the scope of the solution should be as large.

Uh-huh. Let’s see how that “solution” plays out if the reparations program comes to fruition.

Remember, Democrats have, for six decades, intentionally worked to create a permanent underclass that pledges allegiance to the Democrat Party on a regular basis, with the misplaced belief that Democrats can protect them from the evils of the heartless Republicans.

How’s that worked out, over the last 60 years?


The Bottom Line

Stay tuned, and stay the hell out of California, if you can.

Incidentally, I chose the feature image of Vice President Kamala Harris and California Governor Gavin Newsom because the dynamic Democrat duo personifies all that ails the once-Golden State, in all of its woke “glory.”

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