Black Democrat State Representative Blasts 'Systemically Racist Abortion Industry' in Powerful Rebuff

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Oh, this is a gonna be a problem. A black Democrat woman (I’m not a biologist but I’m calling it, nonetheless), blistering the baby-killing business is bad enough— in the eyes of the left, that is. But then, calling abortion “racist,” which is disproportionately true? Totally unacceptable, to say the least.


And that’s just for starters. Connecticut State Representative Treneé McGee told thousands of pro-life activists at the March for Life rally on Friday that black women of the pro-life movement are actively exposing the “systemically racist abortion industry.”

As reported by the Tennessee Star, McGee, one of 14 Connecticut state House Democrats – among them, 10 people of color – who voted against an April bill to further expand abortion rights in the state, fired up the crowd in an address that bluntly accused the abortion industry and Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, of racism.

Needless to say, racist or not, Planned Parenthood gleefully continues Sanger’s mission.

As McGee rose to speak against the bill, she recalled numerous conversations she’d had with black girls about abortion over the years.

They were taught about abortion as a birth control method. They were taught that at any point in time, when they were 13 or 12 or 15, that  they could go to a Planned Parenthood and receive an abortion without their parents knowing.

Powerful? It got even better — with facts: 

I want to speak to the history of this industry and why I think it’s destructive to my community. Black women make up 14 percent of child-bearing populations yet obtained 36.2 percent of all reported abortions. Black women have the highest abortion ratio in the country – 474 abortions per 1,000 live births.


Think about that: a Democrat debating other Democrats with facts. Damn. I mean Democrats loathe facts, data, history, logic, and comment sense that flies in the face of their concocted narratives, right?

And speak to the abortion industry, McGee did:

You use us as a shield to hide your trauma and tug of war in your own community. You mock impoverished communities — all while putting clinics in them. You’ve told me that I can’t be black and pro-life because black women need abortions more than anyone.

You have pocketed off the fear and pain of women and minors who don’t feel fit to parent. You’ve handed minors abortion pills and silence, and told them not to tell their parents. The aches and pains of … trafficking and fearmongering has made you rich.

How does one describe what McGee did right there?

Beyond brave for having the courage to speak out from a unique position, against a despicable industry that thrives on sugarcoating the on-demand killing of the unborn as women’s healthcare? (Or as Joe Biden calls abortion, “an essential healthcare service.”) Disagreeing with her own party’s position on on-demand abortion and calling it exactly what it is with respect to the black community?


I call it a damn good place to start.

During her comments at the March for Life rally, McGee drew a contrast with the mission of pro-life black women:

I stand here today, and I proclaim life. I proclaim that future generations will live and not die. They will be seen as enough to live. I stand in place of the pro-life black women across the globe who are suffering in silence. We resist the evil strategy to pluck us out like weeds.

Your “No” to Margaret Sanger, the day she came to your doors and told you to abort your children, will be heard around the world. The younger generation of black, Latina, indigenous, and women of color are taking our rightful place to expose the mass genocide of our children and the stain of blood across the movement that says it’s standing to protect us.

What’s the over-under on Treneé McGee remaining in the Democrat Party?

McGee powerfully proclaimed:

The time is today and let it be forevermore that we resolve in our hearts that we are different, and yet the same, we bleed the same. Let us not use talking points to justify our arguments, but be effective listeners and create whole life – from the womb to the tomb – solutions. May we make room to hear black women speak and believe them in this movement!

Let us understand that we must march hand in hand, that we must march together. Because, in unity, there is strength. So, we must deal with our emotional prejudices and the things that we are committed to in order to not only protect life, but sustain life.”


“Because we are gonna be different,” McGee said, as she concluded, “We’re not only pro-life, but we care about moms too. We care about families; we care about education. Pro-life for the whole life!”

The Bottom Line

Courageous women like Treneé McGee must not only continue to speak out; they must also be given a larger platform on which to speak. That will not happen in the Democrat Party, where McGee and other courageous pro-life women must be silenced or destroyed.



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