Ever-Bitter Keith Olbermann Picks Fight With Wrong Conservative on Twitter 2.0, Is Promptly Throttled

Mark J. Terrill

There are left-wing zealots with at least a modicum of ability to stop themselves from publically going off the really deep end, and then there’s former MSNBC hack Keith Olbermann who fails to realize — or give a damn about —how his ridiculous anger and bitterness is perceived by a majority of rational Americans.


A perfect example of the above played on Twitter on Saturday, when the embittered Olbermann went after Substack author and senior writer at Chronicles, Pedro Gonzalez.

The festivities began when Gonzalez tweeted his thoughts about Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” releases:

If this doesn’t end with people like Jack Dorsey and Yoel Roth in jail, we aren’t serious. I don’t want viral clips of Ted Cruz popping off his boot and putting it on the counter. I want libs like Roth in a jumpsuit behind bars.

I’m in, Pedro — and it’s way past time.

Fair assessment, given the damning revelations that continue to come out, right?

Not if you’re a Democrat — and definitely not if you’re unhinged Keith Olbermann, who obviously finds it impossible to avoid losing his crap at the drop of a conservative hat. The venomous dude went full-metal crazy train on Gonzalez immediately:

Nobody’s trying to “engage” with you, you semi-sentient feces. We’re all laughing at you and the self-consuming paranoia and hate that have ruined your life. Now, back in your bomb shelter with you, Goober

Donald Trump’s sophomoric name-calling ain’t got nothin’ on this hateful clown show, gang.


It never fails to amuse me how these angry name-callers are totally unaware of the reality that their attacks say far more about them than the targets of their nonsensical bitterness — and that goes for offenders on both sides of the aisle.

Anyway, did I mention that cranky Keith picked a fight with the wrong conservative? Gonzalez quickly returned fire, nailing the bullseye with his first response:

You’re a childless, unmarried 63-year-old hack huffing anti-psychotics with nothing but a podcast that appeals to cat ladies — your life is your punishment for being the way you are.

Oh, I bet that left a mark.

Gonzalez then took another shot at the target-rich environment named Olbermann:

Keith has a million followers but struggles to get a crumb of attention because he produces literally nothing of value so he has to lash out like this, but without what @shortmagenfield aptly calls the Yoel “engagement reacharound” it just keeps brutally backfiring lmao


And there it is: nobody that matters gives a damn about anything Keith Olbermann spews.

Like so many other left-wing “public figures,” Keith Olbermann desperately tries to remain relevant, and he’s hardly the Lone Ranger. See: Dan Rather, Brian Williams, Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter, Tom Brokaw, et al.

The Bottom Line

People like Keith Olbermann are interesting — in the respect of how their lives must be on a daily basis. We all know people like this, right? They wake up every morning and find something to anger them before they get out of bed.

They spend their days looking for people to blame for their own misery — and they find them every time. They then go to bed angry, only to wake up the next morning and do the whole thing again.

Memo to Keith Olbermann: That’s not living, my friend, but I’m glad it’s you and not me.


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