'I Tried My Best': Musk Finally Kicks Kanye to the Curb Over Anti-Semitic Self-Immolation

Elon Musk might have tried his best to keep from suspending the mercurial mogul’s Twitter account, but when Kanye goes Kanye, no one can stop him from self-immolation; not even Kanye himself.


So on Thursday, Musk finally kicked Kanye to the curb. Grab the popcorn, folks: It’s really going to get interesting, now. With the left already in full-metal histrionic meltdown over Musk’s takeover of Twitter, Kanye and two of his pals, white nationalist Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes, and alt-right activist Milo Yiannopolous, played Donald Trump like a cheap set of drums and were inexplicably granted a very public dinner audience with The Donald. Trump, of course, took zero blame for the fiasco.

Needless to say, the left went after the story like sharks after blood in the water — as they should have.

Finally, Kanye’s continuing off-the-rails anti-Semitic nonsense, most recently pontificating about what a swell guy Adolf Hitler was, really sent the leftists over the edge. The question now is how the Musk-Kanye-Trump haters will react to Elon booting Kanye.

In response to a plea from a Twitter user, Musk finally pulled the trigger.


Yeah, not possible.

In a three-sentence declaration, Kanye was toast.

I tried my best. Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended.


For now, at least.

In a previous tweet, as transcribed by Fox News, Musk almost pleaded with West to stop his nonsense:

Jesus taught love, kindness and forgiveness. I used to think that turning the other cheek was weak & foolish, but I was the fool for not appreciating its profound wisdom.

Nonetheless, Kanye continued, despite Musk reinstating his account after taking control of Twitter. Here’s a brief recap of West’s anti-Semitic obsession, as reported by RedState:

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The Bottom Line

Sooner or later, people revert to form. Unfortunately for Kanye and the bridges he intentionally burns, his form is intentional self-destruction. And with friends like “Ye,” who needs enemies?

Just ask Donald Trump.


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