Hypocritical Politico Hack Warns Republicans Not to 'Overreach' After Midterms

Politico White House bureau chief Jonathan Lemire warns GOP not to overreach after midterm elections. (Credit: MRC TV)

And so it begins. And by “it,” I mean several Democrat things have begun to happen, with the midterm elections just 11 days away, as I write. One, the Democrats and lapdog media have all but thrown in the towel publicly and, two: the left’s amnesia-like hypocrisy has already reached “knows no bounds” territory.


During a Thursday segment on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Politico White House bureau chief Jonathan Lemire told guest host Lindsey Reiser that the Republican Party shouldn’t “be guilty” of overreach” if they regain control of Congress in the midterms, as reported by NewsBusters. And here’s my favorite part: Lemire said that if the GOP does overreach, “the public would turn against them.”

Um… Jonathan? Where have you been the last 19 months? Joe Biden and the Democrats mistakenly took the 2020 election results as a mandate to enact radical leftist legislation and their use of executive overreach to fundamentally change America as we know it.

And, Jonathan? Have you, by chance, seen survey results of likely voters who overwhelmingly believe America is headed in the wrong direction — and who they blame? You might want to check that out before you embarrass yourself on national TV, again.

The festivities began after Reiser referenced an article in The Atlantic titled The Impeachment of Joe Biden, and asked Lemire, with good cause:

All right, Jonathan, even Republicans who were interviewed in this article mention the Hunter issue, saying things got really vague when pressed for wrongdoing by the president. And the article mentions border security, the withdrawal from Afghanistan. How much pressure is [Kevin] McCarthy under to potentially follow through with this?

Lemire wasted zero time, hilariously going full-metal hypocrite:


An extraordinary amount. We hear frequently from members of the Republican House who say that if they take back the majority, we’ve heard this from Matt Gaetz, we’ve heard this from Marjorie Taylor Greene, and the like, they want to begin these investigations and potentially impeachment proceedings almost immediately.

We should be clear, there’s never evidence of a link between President Biden and any wrongdoing that Hunter Biden may have committed, nor has he been charged with any wrongdoing just yet either, but this is something that does loom over this White House and I have some reporting this week about their feelings about the upcoming midterms, it’s some growing anxiety.

Au contraire, re: never evidence of a link between President Biden and any wrongdoing that Hunter Biden may have committed. As I reported on October 24, a federal lawsuit filed by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, in partnership with red-pilled lawyer Jenin Younes of the New Civil Liberties Alliance, uncovered “astonishing evidence” that top-ranking Biden administration officials colluded with Big Tech to suppress speech about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Nonetheless, Lemire suggested, on a wing and prayer, that Democrats still cling to hope:

They do believe, though publically they still say they have hope, privately, the White House and a lot of Democratic allies do think the House is slipping away. It will be very difficult to retain control of the body and there’s a possibility the Senate could as well. That’s, sort of, deemed as a coin flip right now, a true 50-50 toss up, but all it takes is the House.

If Republicans grab control of that body of Congress, they will have the subpoena power. They’ll be able to carry out a number of investigations and they could slow things down for this White House, trying to move forward.

The risk, though, for Republicans, it could be guilty of overreach. It’s possible the public would turn against them.


I don’t know what Lemire’s background is — other than as a hack for left-wing rag Politico — but dude, are you serious?

Why on earth would the voting public — fed up to its eyeballs with the disastrous results of the most intentionally destructive presidential administration in history — turn against Republicans as they begin to save the Ship of State that Joe Biden and the Democrats have done their damnedest to sink for nearly two years?

While the sheer hypocrisy is hilarious, the complete Democrat lack of self-awareness is the best part.


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