Dan Rather Swings at 'Animosity Over COVID Booster Shots,' Coldcocks...Dan Rather

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Let’s first get the usual disclaimer out of the way. Disgraced hack Dan Rather, fired by CBS News for knowingly airing false documents about former President George W. Bush’s National Guard service, has long been irrelevant, but he remains desperate for attention. While Rather himself is unimportant, the depth of his hypocrisy is indicative of the left as a whole. Hence, Dan-O is merely a pathetic poster clown.


In this episode, the former CBS Evening News anchor can’t understand people opposed to COVID “vaccinations” — a ridiculous designation, given that neither initial COVID jabs nor COVID “boosters” vaccinate or immunize against anything. Ask Joe and Jill Biden and COVID Gnome™ Anthony Fauci, all three of whom contracted the virus after two jabs and two “boosters” — multiple times.

Nonetheless, Rather fired up his Twitter machine on Friday to attack anti-vaxxers for the zillionth time.

I will never understand the animosity over COVID booster shots and vaccines in general. Vaccines may have alleviated more human suffering than any other invention. So to all those denigrating science and medicine please get a life. And I mean that literally.

Literally, Dan-O? We’ll visit a bit more of your “literally” in a minute.

Couple of things, Mr. “Journalist.”


As I previously suggested, COVID shots do not vaccinate or immunize anyone from contracting the virus. Second, from Fauci to Biden to the liberal lapdog media (which you used to be part of), no one has “denigrated science” more than the left. On the contrary, you have exploited science, solely for politically expedient purposes, and completely ignored science every time it’s flown in the face of the Democrat narrative. Examples abound. I’ll suggest that you Google it, but of course, you won’t.

Dan Rather, meet Dan Rather

So here’s the thing. Mr. Rather sang an entirely different vax tune in 2020 when the Devil incarnate — Donald Trump — was in office:

Are we really expected to trust the timing of a vaccine from a president who’s health care plan will come out perpetually two weeks from now?

Oopsie, Dan-O.

A few more things, Mr. Rather.

Donald Trump did not develop the so-called COVID vaccine. Know who did, Dan-O? Scientists. Yet you — and the Democrat Party, in large part — denigrated science because of your obsessive hatred for Trump. You allowed that hatred to consume you, yet now you denigrate tens of millions of Americans whose personal decisions to avoid COVID jabs have zero to do with politics, and everything to do with their respective health concerns.


The Bottom Line

As I said at the top, while the likes of Dan Rather and other discredited leftists could not be more irrelevant, their hypocrisy is — very much so. As Rush Limbaugh said on a regular basis, it’s incumbent on conservatives to let these people talk and help them get their messages out if we’re in a position to do so. As el-Rushbo added, the longer liberals talk, the more they show us exactly who they are.


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