'Concerned Graduates of West Point' Pen Letter Calling out 'Woke Sentiments' of the Famed Academy

Nothing here is going to surprise you. But it needs to be written. Why? It’s not only important to continue to expose the left’s insidious efforts to destroy the U.S. military as we know it; it’s also important to understand how deeply those efforts run. And when “concerned graduates of West Point” speak out, I listen.


Several retired U.S. military officers penned a letter, titled Declaration of Betrayal of West Point And the Long Gray Line, signed by “Concerned Graduates of West Point and The Long Gray Line,” as reported by Just the News, which objects to mandatory COVID vaccinations, so-called [Marxist-derived] “critical race theory” indoctrination, “progressivism,”  and other “woke” sentiments of the famed military academy.

Incidentally, “Concerned Members of the Long Gray Line” is a coalition of over 1,000 West Point alumni from six decades of graduating classes, who collectively served across 10 presidential administrations. The above referenced letter reads, in part:

The Long Gray Line is the assembly of graduates of the United States Military Academy. It serves as a fount of American battle-tested experience, the institutional memory of the Military Academy, and the watchdog of the United States Corps of Cadets.

As such, it is the sacred duty of the Long Gray Line to challenge dysfunctional conduct or rogue behavior, such as that which has come to dominate West Point.


These changes threaten the mission of the Academy. It appears that the Honor Code is no longer enforced as it has been historically and has been allowed to fall into disarray. […]

As the signators noted, civilian faculty members also play a role in the political indoctrination of cadets.

Civilian faculty members have introduced political indoctrination into academic instruction to include socialist ideology that runs counter to the noble principles of the Constitution. The corruption of cadet instruction with socialist doctrine is further demonstrated by a pronounced bias in the selection of guest speakers, who have been almost exclusively liberal. We could not identify any conservative speakers in recent years.

Very troubling have been instances of the Academy Staff requiring cadets to violate their religious beliefs contrary to the religious freedom long observed by the Academy. Cadets have been coerced into complying with illegal orders – mandates – to submit to vaccinations with experimental drugs never approved by the FDA.

Such mandates to involuntarily submit to vaccination with experimental drugs in violation of religious customs and beliefs is a violation of the UCMJ. It violates the precedent set by the Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal that established the involuntary use of experimental drugs as a crime against humanity. Such conduct by the Staff is a gross violation of international law and the impartial administration of military justice by the Academy.


And so-called Critical Race Theory? Of course.

Instruction in Critical Race Theory (CRT) at the Academy. Such instruction severs the ties of every cadet to the defense of the Constitution, thereby nullifying the oath cadets have sworn to uphold. Critical Race Theory now replaces Duty, Honor, and Country.

The cumulative impact of these changes has so altered the Military Academy that USMA betrays the purpose for which it was founded in 1802 – defense of our Constitution, and maintenance of individual freedom. This transformation betrays the purpose of the founders and the sacred principles of the Declaration of Independence.

As I transcribed the above, I thought about what it must feel like for a proud West Point graduate “of the past” to see what has become of the iconic academy he or she so loves; much like I’ve thought about what my dad — a proud U.S. Marine who at age 23 drove a tank onto the black volcanic-sand beach of Iwo Jima on day one of the bloodiest battles of WW II — would think about today’s “woke” military, not to mention the state of the country he fought for — and many of his friends died for.

Retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely told the Epoch Times the retired military leaders “wanted to challenge the leadership of the Academy and the Defense Dept on their WOKE actions, CRT, Diversity training and the other discrepancies in the Academy,” adding:

We found it pervasive at the Naval and Air Force Academies so we knew it was directed from the highest levels of our Military Leadership. We all want the Military to get back on track to training and leading our Armed Forces to secure America and its Citizens.


As is often the case with organizations, including corporations, charitable foundations, and political parties, the wokified rot in the Armed Forces of the United States starts at the top. One need look no further than Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley for ample proof. Consider the following RedState articles:

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Pledges to Provide ‘Seamless Access to Reproductive Health Care’ After Roe is Overturned

As Threats From Russia and China Mount, US Military Report Talks ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’

SecDef Austin and JCS Chairman Milley Show They Are Completely Devoted to Critical Race Theory at the Expense of Combat Effectiveness

The bottom line:

As is the case with the rabid left and its death grip on Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, we are witnessing the purposeful degradation of the Armed Forces of the United States as a hardened, battle-ready fighting force, engineered by the likes of Lloyd Austin, Mark Milley, left-wing educators indoctrinators embedded in our U.S. Military Academies, and various other “woke” forces.

In an increasingly dangerous world, this is organized madness.

But you already knew that.


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