After Finally Covering Hunter Biden Email Scandal, Liberal Media Breaks Sound Barrier Rushing to Protect Joe

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Less than three weeks before the 2020 election, The New York Post, on October 14, 2020, reported it was in possession of emails between a Ukrainian businessman and Joe Biden’s grifter son, Hunter. As ironically reported by The Washington Post, so-called “mainstream” media outlets and social media giants “balked” at (ignored or dismissed outright) the explosive story’s claims, enraging conservatives across America.


Eight days later, the world was introduced to Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter, who released a statement in which he confirmed the authenticity of documents obtained by The Post from a laptop left at a computer repair shop, while Biden and the media continued to claim they were related to a Russian influence operation run through former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and “Ukrainian actors.”

As the legacy media continued to ignore the story, finally, on March 17, 2022 — 17 months after the New York Post’s initial reporting on the story — the New York Times finally admitted that the emails found on the grifter son’s notorious laptop were legit, followed on March 30 by a similar “authentication” by The Washington Post. And so it began.

Now what? One — an honest and objective one — can only imagine the myriad of thoughts running through the collective minds of sock-puppet media outlets across the fruited plain.

“What the hell do we do now — after doing our damnedest for a year-and-a-half to discredit, ignore, and outright dismiss the damning Biden story that refused to go away?”

I mean, here’s the thing. While I appreciate the White House’s desperate spin in a frantic effort to protect Apple Sauce Brains from his likely up-to-eyeballs involvement with his grifter son’s nefarious business dealings, this one isn’t complicated. But it does require the willing suspension of disbelief to buy.


Biden’s simultaneous claims that he and Hunter have never discussed the latter’s business dealings and that Joe himself has “never taken a foreign penny,” AND his insistence that his grifter son has never been involved in “unethical behavior” and “never broke the law” are virtually mutually exclusive claims. And they are both complete crocks of bullcrap. In my not-so-humble opinion, of course.

So with evidence already damning and continuing to pile up almost daily, the Democrat State Media had clearly answered the “What the hell do we do now?” question — with a three-pronged strategy:

Throw Hunter Biden under the bus as fast and far as possible.

Race at lightning speed to prop up “The Big Guy” and save him from himself.

Save its own ass after 18 months of first ignoring, then dismissing the scandal.

So as the bombshells continue to drop, as reported by my colleague Nick Arama on Monday, noted Georgetown Law School Professor Jonathan Turley — a Democrat — has now called for a special counsel to investigate the scandal, while also noting how dramatically the media’s narrative has shifted, as transcribed by The Hill.

For the media, the ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden by U.S. Attorney David Weiss in Delaware has presented a growing danger of self-indictment over its prior coverage (or noncoverage). Weiss has called a long line of witnesses before a grand jury, and there is growing expectation of criminal charges against Hunter Biden.

Nothing concentrates the mind as much as a looming indictment.

Thus, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and other media faced the embarrassing prospect of an indictment based on a story they previously suggested was either a nonstory or Russian disinformation. Suddenly, in recent days, they all rushed to declare the story legitimate, 18 months after the New York Post reported it in October 2020.


“What quickly emerged, though, was a new narrative,” observed Turley: “None of this implicates President Biden.” On CNN, White House correspondent John Harwood declared:

There is zero evidence that Vice President Biden, or President Biden, has done anything wrong in connection with what Hunter Biden has done.

CNN co-anchor Brianna Keilar added (for emphasis) that Harwood was making “an important distinction.”

Harwood, bless his little cheerleading left-wing heart, has zero evidence upon which to absolve Joe Biden. And the ever-ridiculous Brianna Keilar? An “important” dishonest distraction.

Examples similar to Harwood’s — and worse — abound throughout the lapdog media. The so-called “mainstream” media are desperate. On multiple levels. And they are terrified.

Worst of all, they are hypocritical as hell.

But you already knew every bit of that.



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